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NC specialty construction reform

In recent years, education in secondary vocational schools teachers still presents an encouraging picture in terms of size. NC student professional development both in terms of professional skills and professional qualities are not so good, vocational school how to send qualified for the enterprise, modern production technologies and high-quality skilled personnel, I think major construction reform.
First, carry out major curriculum reform. Make it more adapted to market requirements for student employment (a) mechanism established curriculum development United Kingdom education experts:}}{: "vocational education curriculum is changing course. "This is a precise description of the characteristics of the vocational education course. Our vocational education should adapt to the new demands on the workers of social production, which requires vocational courses to keep updated. To achieve this, it is necessary to establish mechanisms of vocational education curriculum development. First, the production line of professional and technical personnel on course objectives and contents to identify the most authoritative. Educate them to school-based curriculum development, curriculum relevance and applicability, which is the course content from the actual production of effective measures. Secondly, the method to improve the professional teachers of curriculum development with curriculum development, while encouraging teachers to combine actual production, develop teaching case, update your own content, make practical teaching content focused and let the students feel "alive", is attractive.
(B) the curriculum system to follow "three" principle is basic enough for principle. Carefully selected, opened only for specialized services and improving students ' comprehensive quality of content, for the opportunity to leave a full practice session. Second is to apply the principle of specialized courses. Courses must be suitable for professional training objectives and requirements for training students ' application ability requirements, suitable for CNC machining job requirements of society. Compressed courses in the theory section as much as possible, to meet the requirements of practical skill training and enable students to achieve more. Two or three is the principle of useful practical training courses. Useful means of practical training course to be able to achieve the goal of practical skill training requirements can be achieved through scientific research formed by graduates of the capacity requirements, realize zero distance of graduates ' job-hunting and job. Meanwhile combine professional ethics training, in practice to cultivate students ' professionalism and meticulous style.
Second, in-depth study on the selection of specific course content so that it can better meet the demands of professional training (I) NC professional teaching innovation of leading content is based on vocational skill training for Central NC professional teaching innovation leading to occupational skill training is at the core. Pay attention to the cultivation of students ' ability of three: basic skills and professional abilities and capacity development. Through graduate follow-up feedback, focus should be appropriate to strengthen the main course content, technical personnel and advanced production line to class d, technology, cutting-edge technology into teaching, professional core skills, cultivate students ' practice ability and capacity for sustainable development in a prominent position, stay the course. Adhere to the basic course needs to set up, for sufficient degree; according to the principles of practical and targeted optimization and reorganization of specialized courses, will prevail; practice course with typical of the real tasks or products as carriers, students ' practical and operational capability. Truly "walk in students, going out is good".
(Ii) career qualification certification of content and the skills contest of content moderate into related courses teaching content in the according to NC processing professional selected of basic research project and related courses content for system analysis, find its phase associated sex, put related content decomposition thaw people to courses content in the, as NC car research project can in NC car operation real training courses in the thaw people skills identification pieces of added, put teaching content moderate subdivision, and in developed courses standard Shi makes its moderate inclusive, achieved a door courses solution a items capacity training of courses set, Of course, this requires increased according to course content class hour, providing curriculum content increase the likelihood.

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