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Characteristics of psychological educational goals and mental health

Psychological the basic purpose of education is to improve the mental health of students, so that they have good psychological quality, ability to sound character and spirit to face life and society, to mature mental state to meet and adapt to the changes in life. What is mental health? what constitutes mental health? who in 1948 upon the establishment of the proposed definition of health and 10 sign of health, where the first 5 logo is on the mental health requirements:
There is abundant energy, take your time to take their daily work and life, without feeling tired and tense; positive, responsible, open-minded; spirited, emotional stability, good rest, sleep good self-control ability, good distraction; ⑤ resourceful, able to adapt to changes in the external environment conditions. Since then, opinions vary on mental health criteria, but there is no accepted standard one of the influential United States scholar kanbusi of the 4 characteristics of mental health. United States psychologist Maslow's 10 mental health standards. Well as Wang dengfeng in China, Zhang Boyuan, scholars such as Wang Xiaodao also have respectively raised the standard for judging mental health. Learn from the author on the basis of the research results, combined with their years of experience and observation, that mental health and personality of people, should have the following characteristics.
1. Can active objective to evaluation and treats himself a psychological health of people can objective to understand himself, and certainly himself, to active of life attitude treats himself, can experience itself exists of value on himself of character, and capacity and advantages and disadvantages are can made appropriate of objective evaluation, both not too self shows off, and not too self blamed, both can develop himself of strengths, and can overcome himself of weaknesses, thus on himself always satisfaction of. Unhealthy lack of self-knowledge, easily to a negative attitude towards yourself, more to see her own shortcomings and weaknesses, blame low self-esteem than self-esteem, thus not always pleased with himself.
2. Good people, good mental health of relationships people enjoy interacting with people, correctly handle the relationship between themselves and others and the collective, love can be loved, when dealing with people, understanding, respect, trust, kindness, joy, positive attitude is always more than suspicion, envy, hostility, fear and other negative attitudes. Thus has a strong ability to adapt in the social life and sense of security, a sense of belonging. A mental health person, always relationships are not coordinated with the surrounding people, without adaptation to the environment and therefore tend to feel lonely, nervous, depressed.
3. Face it, love of life, have a strong sense of responsibility and initiative mental health people can always accept the reality, actively engaged in life and enjoy the pleasure of life in life. They work a strong sense of responsibility, family, group, and to the future with confidence and hope, willing to learn, aggressive, and constantly in work, learning and life satisfaction and motivation, rather than as a burden. Their difficulties have enough courage and willpower to face challenges, their chances of success are always great.
4. Generosity, emotional stability, and good mental health of the people more, the people, to be good at forgiving, not tired by the little things, able to coordinate and control their emotions. They live happy, optimistic, cheerful, satisfaction and other positive emotions always occupies the main advantage. Although may have sad, sorrow, sorrow, anger and other negative emotional experiences, but generally does not last long. Face pressure and changes in life, they can safely, so little mood swings. They handle their relationships with others and the collective interests, his desires within the scope of regulation, where appropriate, can all feel good about myself.
5. Have a correct world Outlook, Outlook on life, values and good morals correct world Outlook, Outlook on life, values and good morals and mental health are different, and closely related, it is the person has a reasonable basis of cognitive models, are highly important signs of mental health and personality. Such people to society, things in life to be able to maintain the correct awareness and understanding, and to adopt a proper attitude and Behavioral responses, sensible and sound approach to issues of mental ability of conflict and frustration tolerance, so as to avoid the occurrence of mental disorders, keep a good mental state.
Mental health of more than five characters, as we strengthen the psychological education and training good psychological quality objective reference. It should be noted that is, mental health and unhealthy, are not two aspects of the absolute, which is a multi-level form. Our psychological purpose of education is to cultivate people with higher levels of mental health and personality

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