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Establish future-oriented cultural awareness

To overcome the dualistic mode of thinking and establish future-oriented cultural consciousness. As you know, in the study on the development of teacher education in China, there are two opposing views of development. One thinks that the study is a model of teacher education in the West, only the Western model of teacher education research is reasonable and correct, can help us to embark on the path of scientific, they should be our tomorrow today, thus the Western model of teacher education research of universal and absolute, divine. The other is China's traditional culture, lifestyle, local knowledge, such as uplift for ethnocentrism above all, to research on the development of teacher education in our country cling to narrow, one-sided nationalism, Western study of teacher education experience, results and other discarded regardless. It should be said that these two modes of thinking are one-sided and should arouse our vigilance because the first model will inevitably go national nihilism, resulting in loss of research; second pattern will inevitably lead to national and ethnic, native and native of narrow nationalism and irrationalism, and lead to autism, narrow conservatism. So, we must heavy frame new of culture concept, set oriented future, and contains "I in the has you", and "you in the has I" of culture consciousness, beyond "left" and "right", in China teachers education research of value Select Shang abandoned "or Western of", and "or nationalization" two Yuan opposition rigid of thinking mode, to dynamic, and multiple, and open of attitude, to stressed subject sex, and national features for Center of research concept, both not fawning, and not arrogant, real deepening China of teachers education research.
Research on teacher education in China should pay attention to the "internal developments". Research tells us that concerns in the development process itself, the search engine for further development and the conditions are very important. "Internal developments" refers to the basic meaning, if development is to realize the aspirations of the people, then it is impossible to mimic an external model or idea must take people's independent choice of objectives, content and methodology. As set forth in the UNESCO's "development is increasingly seen as a process of awakening, a stimulating creative process most members of society, a release of most members of the society the individual process, rather than as a planner and scholars to problem-solving process from the outside. "
Which, in China of teachers education research in the, we both concern benign social culture ecological of building, active advocate "culture consciously", and "culture identity", and concern different researchers subject sex, and initiative of play, evokes researchers engaged in teachers education research of sense, and sense and inner of creativity, to real out culture imperialism, and colonialism of bound and effect, gradually out of a article China of and non-Western a country of teachers education research of road. Due to, we must be the starting point for researchers, research purposes and values, advocated a "bottom up" and "realistic", stressed the study of "autonomy", "inner" and really make our teacher education research has "Chinese words", "China" and "Chinese characteristics".

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