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Ancient Greece garden atmosphere of humanism

Articulate not only have knowledge of grammar and rhetoric, but also has a wide range of knowledge, elegant body language, loud and clear, and the Cadence of the wonderful sound of a full range of cooperation only so can't give an anthemic, arousing people's feelings and empathy of the speech. To this end, the wise men have inherited ancient Greece harmonious and all-round development of the concept of education, education of students ' moral character, and setting the encyclopedia of course of study. On the Sage teaching subjects, first of all is the study of rhetoric. France renowned education historian Marlowe (Maroe) thought that the primacy of this rhetoric in higher education can be traced back to Isocrates (]Socrates) era, "... ... Isoke since the end of rhetoric has been normal forms of higher education ". Isocrates in the nikelaisi in the said: "language appropriateness is the ability, it is the most reliable sign of sound rational, real, legitimate and just talk, is the soul of a true and believe there should be external."
An excellent orator knew how to evaluate past actions "capabilities at the right time, take appropriate action in each case, be able to view them correctly, lastly, has the ability to state them." He cannot foresee the future, but at every juncture he can make the best decision, "... ... That rely on philosophy (that is, according to his description of rhetoric), the ability to rely on rational for these people, do not weigh their words weight, don't say anything, that will not lead to more errors. " Under the auspices of Isocrates and rhetoric became the core of higher education courses, and precision in the school system as a long-term study and training, not only developed the xipeilidesi (HyperideS) and likuergesi (Lycurgus) and other well-known debater, has also produced such as aifuluosi (Ephorus) and taiaopengbosi (ThmpompmofChios) a great historian.
To career politicians, such as Demosthenes (Demosthenes), aisijiniesi (Aeschines), xipeilidesi (Hyperides) and speeches in court, such as professional writers, such as Lysias (Lysias), yisaiaosi (Isaeus) hands, has evolved into a highly sophisticated art of sophistry, and adopt a more practical approach to training young people in society. Wise men teaching focused on the interpretation of poetry, language proficiency and thinking skills and training. As part of rhetoric, also has a "grammar, dialectic, music, mathematics, astronomy and geometry, as well as Professor of logic, law, philosophy, history, mythology, painting, sports, military strategies, mnemonics, and so on" l10J (P150). Grammar, rhetoric, dialectics constitutes the later so-called "Sanyi" (Trivium), arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and music composition was called "quadrivium" (the Quadrivium). "Sanyi" and "quadrivium" taken together, constitute a later "seven Arts", and "seven Arts" is the Foundation of university education in the middle ages. Since then, ancient Greece the humanistic educational ideals in the teaching activity of wise men completed its initial architecture.
Classical Greece is another institution of higher education Socrates-style Lyceum arising out of philosophical inquiry. Biyisuokeladi School of rhetoric later, Plato in 387 BC (others considered 385 BC) had been created to train "have high ideals and profound knowledge" "philosopher king" Akademi in University Park (Academy), and leadership and management service for nearly 20 years. In a sense, Akademi University is the first University in European history. Akademi University's main goal is to pursue scientific knowledge through original research, school focused on traditional mathematical Pythagoras, and Socrates were traditional dialectic. School requires that all admission must have received a considerable level of specialized education, students learn subjects are arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and harmonics, and finally ends with dialectics, ethics and political philosophy has received special attention.

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