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Classical era Greece feeling origins of humanism in higher education

The Greco-Persian wars (5o0 first 449 BC), due to economic and cultural prosperity of the city-state of Athens, as well as the development of democracy, require the necessity of establishing a systematic course of study for young people has become increasingly prominent. "This kind of advanced nature of higher education courses (including moral, scientific, practical political skills, rhetoric and grammar) in front of the 5th century BC to the 4th century and gradually developed. This task is primarily by Greece of the wise men have completed "with Greece the rise of democracy, more intense domestic political struggle, foreign trade growth, increasing contacts and exchanges between countries, sharp changes in society. A good of citizens no longer just is determination brave of warrior, while he also to has commercial activist, and politicians and diplomat of to, this on need he has more high of culture cultivation, and extensive of knowledge and eloquent of eloquence, especially in debate and debate in the refuted other, published eloquent powerful and and elegant smooth of speech of skills, this in democratic social in the more is important, is won trust, and respect, and prestige and success of necessary. Pericles believes that "the biggest obstacle is not a discussion, but without discussion into action"
He himself is the model of debating skills of politicians. According to Athens, one of the three comedians eupolis (Eupo-lis) records, "as speaker, Pericles than anyone other wise. Every time he walked to the front began to speak, like first-class runners, let others run 10 feet first, and then catch up with them. He speaks quickly, eloquent and persuasive, this was his charm. He is only after the lecture the audience passionate orator ".
Known as Greece, "comedy" father of Aristophanes (Aristophanes) describe his debating skills like Zeus on Olympus "light, shock Greece." Debate the wisdom of plays an important role in actual life, more and more people desire to use accurate, beautiful, perfect language to express their ideas and opinions. Syntax of symmetry and coordination will no longer be the most important problem, perfect debates, speeches, poems or prose requires not only the right to use words and language, and the elegance and refinement of the word itself is increasingly concerned, the entire Athens has also brimming with a lively spirit of individualism, freedom, confidence. Ancient Greece imposed by the original sports, military training, music education, literacy, and recite Homer more junior old education system is not able to meet the increasingly complex needs of society. Wise men (Sophists) comes into being, they argue that according to human nature, traditional customs and legal constraints on people and shout "man is the measure of all things" slogan, teaches people how to rely on human language to break suspected problem-solving, feet as well as political participation. "This stage of society, used to be a man to play God, when the referee; now the wise men think of themselves as creators, performers and the referee." Wise men have to impart knowledge, teaching oratory for the industry, ancient Greece's first professional teachers. Their aim of education is to teach people to learn to deal with private or public intelligence, particularly the ability to engage in political activities. Hegel said: "teaching aims to point out that wise men: what is the power in the world--what is generally thought to solve special problems,--which only philosophy to know so the wise are the speculative philosopher. "Perhaps because of this, the wise man's educational thoughts and activities, not only for Greece had a profound impact on education and on Greece's political life is important. Knowledge is a measure of an important symbol of an ill-bred, a person wants to be good at dealing with political affairs, you need to know and fully understand all knowledge of the political, legal and moral.
Have knowledge, he can on the concrete analysis of concrete problems and to determine appropriate; in court or the Assembly, as well as other government agencies and the public, careful to express their views forcefully refuted his political opponents, to win supporters. People with eloquent force became the teaching activities the primary goal of the wise men. Although as a professional teacher, wise men being despised and denigrated by some people, but due to their respect for humanity and make public, offers ignored by old-school liberal education, as well as its teaching to all students who can afford less-expensive tuition fees opened, was welcomed by many people, and as a result follow.

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