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Education must promote attention to detail

Education must change the impatient, little problems, promote the meticulous attention to detail, so supervision of regular, timely feedback, follow institutionalized. Only working fine concept into their own operational guidelines, and gradually explore their fine management path. To provide faculty and establish a "carefully crafted fine, fine" work concepts and brand awareness. "A journey. A single step. " Fine management involves many aspects of the school, faculty, student management, teaching processes, logistics, infrastructure and so on are all we need one step at a time to explore and practice. Fine management is a State, it can neither ~ built in, nor unattainable, it exists in the daily work of each detail.
We must continue changing the way extensive work, and strive to "fine", keep on doing it, would become a habit for a long time, good habits will be quality, this quality will eventually decide the fate of individuals, bodies and undertakings. Fine management which emphasizes the school for "fine", and "fine" this is for all faculty and staff and students made specific and achievable goals and requirements, time, external demand will become teachers ' and students ' awareness, forming a kind of behavior rules, this rule and continues to suggest that originally asked teachers and students into the habit of excellence. In our view, any school, educational process, must be its own actual, for the characteristics of their students, their management methods, "management style", "management is life", is a school of management style.
As our school is one of the first standardized school in Shandong province and one of the first "demonstration school in Eastern Province, the management has been on the road to normalization, carrying out the fine management is we're looking for new ideas and new roads, must be so that all teachers and students in mind can be changed. Realize the necessity and importance of fine management, while recognizing that they shoulder the burden. Xitele·xier said: seeding, harvesting habits; sow a habit and you gain character: a character, reap the fate. Good habits are the cornerstone of our success, but also to the ladder of success. Good habits makes a good life, the fine management of the school, is the community school's new philosophy, is the direction for our future development. We have reason to believe that.
When the "refinement" every educator inherent when a character, it is not just a management system, and it is not just a way of thinking, it will serve as a way of life for our work and have a profound impact on the lives. Let us implement fine management in school, Tai Hing fine wind, sow fine habits. Shaping the teachers a better life.

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