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Clever use of electronic construction of effective English classroom

Interactive whiteboard teaching is a new and modern teaching methods. In teaching, we can make use of interactive electronic whiteboard, complete presentation, exhibition, communication, interaction, cooperation and other teaching activities, develop teaching resources, optimizing the teaching process, to stimulate students ' interest in learning and achieve the goal of effective English classroom. Try combining a few examples in this paper about interactive electronic whiteboard application in English teaching in high school.
, Active thinking, independent learning and Constructivism learning theory: context, collaboration, conversation, meaning construction is learning four elements in the environment, emphasizing learners ' cognitive status, cannot ignore the teacher's leading role, advocate in the teacher's Guide to learner-centered teaching, good "– subject" teaching structure. 42 Oxford English module, for example. This unit learning of is games related knowledge, I requirements students class Qian preview vocabulary, class Shang according to Whiteboard of towing and voice links function, design a detection students sports aspects vocabulary of practice, that put new words and phonetic upset order emissions, then let students himself select click a phonetic, according to heard of pronunciation find corresponds to of words, and will the words drag to corresponding of phonetic Xia, again let students in Whiteboard Shang added words of word meaning. Again, using electronic whiteboard technology will be part of the Olympic Games 2008 Beijing take the film to students for students in the form of appreciation, students naturally experience the Olympics by the lively, bold fighting spirit of the momentum and the courage to compete, to motivate students to explore this desire for knowledge, to allow students to learn higher autonomy. In addition, using dynamic model of electronic whiteboard technology reading strategies designed for students according to the secondary reading strategies on independent analysis of articles, to strengthen the understanding and analysis of the article, improve the students ' ability to use the language. Through this lesson learning, electronic whiteboard can be seen in high school English teaching interactive platform, after English class students on a whiteboard, an eye-opener for language knowledge, desire to gain knowledge actively enhanced, promoted the learning of students.
Second, create situations, flexible learning interactive electronic whiteboard interactive control, it can enable the teacher as usual free writing on the Blackboard or make Blackboard handwriting and hand-painted graphics colorful; both shows, edit digital photos, videos, and communicate with students ' eyes, helps to improve the students ' interest in learning, maintaining its concentration. Helped students learn English in every important position in the field of modern society by means of multi-media teaching in class increases the amount of content and content-rich, novel teaching methods, with a fresh feeling to the students, attracting their natural curiosity, more can arouse the enthusiasm of the students, thereby optimizing teaching. For example: coached Oxford English-module process, using Spotlight feature, follow speculation in space exploration tools on display. Students ' eyes stare at exposed corner of the tools, scrambling to speak their guesses, then teacher showing a map in the gasps, making them memorable. To students showing a picture of the space exploration, new words, cleverly shows the phonetic letter combinations in turn; led students and said, "walk" in space exploration into the simulation scene.
(The space shuttle), (Tower). To more effective to mobilization has students enthusiasm, I then to students show has a network interactive resources--China famous astronaut Zhai Zhigang in space exploration Shi of video, and using fluorescent pen function, natural clear to highlight has in the need master of focus vocabulary, makes students at a glance, effective help students on focus language knowledge of understanding learning, and for this class of target practice (textbooks 71) for has important of bedding. Finally, the use of interactive whiteboard Eraser function in practice, instant correction of student writing on the Blackboard, the correct answer clearly on the screen.
Third, the integration of resources, inquiry learning educator of the discovery method advocated by Bruner is mainly spoken and students listen to the teacher's traditional teaching methods into a teachers guide students step by step initiative to learn new models, mainly is to develop the thinking ability of students ' inquiry, which educational model conducive to students ' intrinsic motivation, but also to cultivate students ' innovation spirit. Oxford English module this module is to show the student social events that may occur in the future, ask students to discuss and explore things that people can do in the future. Article deals with things in the future, students cannot see the future is happening in society, can only be understood from the text describing the appearance of the text and illustrations one or two.
In teaching, I use the operability of the Whiteboard on the expansion of the content was good, students not only get some more knowledge, more important by virtue of the multimedia PC powerful features across time and space, visually and dynamically reproduce the sui, and experience a process of exploration. To: the just the movies, for example. First of all, I was introduced to the students the basic knowledge and language points. "" Is a kind of virtual reality (), it allows the audience to participate in drama activities, in an active way and the audience's vision, hearing, smell and touch together. Secondly, I explained to you expand on "" knowledge. "" This exists only in a computer program in the world, users can make use of special headphones and gloves, see three-dimensional images around them and experience the effects of technology, headphones and gloves were connected to a computer network with virtual reality Studio. Anyway, interactive electronic whiteboard this a technology of widely application makes teaching way more flexible, more adapted teaching requirements, while, as a change sex of teaching means, in teaching in the experience to it in created situation, and optimization learning; integration resources, and inquiry learning; activated thinking, and independent learning, aspects up has is big of role, exploration interactive electronic whiteboard and high school English teaching of integration, for English taught and learn of change develop out a article more broad, and more scenery of new path.

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