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Discussion should be targeted

Class discussion, is the basic form of inquiry learning in the classroom. Targeted effect depends on the discussion of class discussion and the weak. Therefore, teachers should be well designed, organized, and allow students to discuss topics, direction and goals. For example, the instruction "cannot divide", the teachers say, students tend to know the result, but without knowing why, if teachers can guide students in accordance with the inverse relationship of Division, by assuming "the divisor is. "Will discuss what would be the consequences of students", "why not do point must have a profound understanding of the divisor. In the discussion, I thought I had to do:
(1) form should be flexible. In addition to a team of four people, at the same table, front and rear, or around student discussions, we encourage students to freely choose to discuss.
(2) the freedom of expression should be. Should allow different opinions exist, students can debate, allows students to stand up and answer.
(3) adhere to the four "no alternative." That ① due to students carelessness caused has discussion in the of errors, not alternative students corrected, to training students thinking of tightness; II in discussion in the cannot made consistent views Shi, not alternative students ruling, to training students of dialectical thinking; ③ students through efforts himself can amendment of cognitive deviation, not alternative students analysis reasons, to training thinking of criticism sex; II students through exploration himself can obtained of mathematics law, not alternative students antibody summary, training students of abstract general capacity.
3. Exercises to practice. Practice is a students ' mathematical knowledge to analyze and solve simple problems. Not only is the embodiment of students ' inquiry-learning outcomes, and is the start of a new round of inquiry learning. Therefore, the teacher assigned students to practice should pay great attention to practice and excited by a strong emphasis on students. Practice can be divided into two categories.
(1) curricular arrangement of research practice. For example, a math activity class, an exercise such as a teacher: grade 4 class from (1) to (4) class size 4,41,38,38, respectively, under the leadership of each class in the class, ready to rent a car to visit the Science Museum. If buses can take 6 people per vehicle, Iveco each sat 21, asked how to arrange cars, two models to match a few cars? for this exercise, students will use a variety of methods, experiences, comparative analysis, combined with the conditions and requirements, taking into account the management responsibility of the head teacher, determines the plan to resolve the problem.
(2) after class extensive research exercise. For example, a teacher to teach "statistics", the assignment was "If you want to open a sock shop customers, what materials you need to collect? you have to investigate who? what? what do you get from the survey results? write a report. By completing the practical assignments, not only train students to gather information, research information. , The ability to process information, and enable students to understand the relationship between learning and the professional of tomorrow today.
A place guaranteed to explore clean implementation. Practice has shown that student performance and show their desire so teachers should adapt to the students ' psychology, leaving them to show their own world and let them in the mathematical realm of self exploration. -Inquiry requires a certain amount of time. We have time to research students, students ' principal role into full play, students spend more time learning, active probing. Students should have studied material, Brown study, to have time to collect thoughts, words, to set aside "mistake", and also fixed the wrong time to pursue mutual discussions, arguing that in the design and implementation of teaching should be given high priority.

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