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Thinking and principle of

1 principle of thinking means in senior high school entrance examination papers, should have a considerable number of the topic has thought. Although other disciplines also should pay attention to this point, but far behind mathematics emphasizes in this regard the full, comprehensive and profound, this is characteristic of mathematics itself _ a high level of abstraction, determined by strict logic and a wide range of applications, this is also "mathematics is thought gymnastics" embodied in the exam papers. The so-called constructive is for the topic should have a certain degree of flexibility, there must be broad space for thought, both the breadth of thinking and thinking in depth, and choose the path of freedom to solve problems. It is completely different from the kind of rote, mechanical operation problem, it requires is the ability, not just knowledge and skills. Development sex principles is refers to proposition Shi should to promote students of development for this of thought for guide, variable to knowledge conception mainly for to capacity conception mainly, full reflected mathematics questions of thinking sex, in content and form, note mathematics subject itself of features, caught mathematics of trunk and nature, highlight mathematics of thinking and capacity, strengthening questions of open and exploration, focused on mathematics internal of contact, and integrated and external of application reflected content of times sex, penetration questions of education sex in difficulty conception Shang reflected mathematics of education value. When a specific operation, and design topics in the student's zone of proximal development, subject to a moderate challenge, ask students to think about and not mainly rely on memory to succeed, and develop confidence. Development here is not only a general guideline, also contains specific, direct instructional content on the operation, includes thinking. , But of thinking on propositions put forward clear guidance, from a mathematical point of view is the core of development, therefore, and progressive thinking, and as a matter of principle. This can best embody the mathematical characteristics of the original Bell!, under the guidance of we have the following two questions.
Specification, and suitable cut sex principles specification sex principles is refers to finished papers should meet papers of specification, problem head, and Deng points table, and description, and page tail mark, should right not gaps, in topics of expressed Shang should meet mathematics of specification and language text of specification, do described simple smooth understand, punctuation right, letters of oblique body Roman using properly, graphic match, topics not across page,. The relevance principle has two meanings, one is on the whole, questions the entire volume distribution and hard difficulty, difficulty in the proportions, the number of topics and coverage of knowledge (though not stressed that excessive coverage, but also to have some coverage) test content and structure should be rationally as possible. General senior high school entrance examination questions in different areas have different number of indices. My senior high school entrance examination, examination papers, volumes of difficulty is usually set at 0. 60, difficult, easy to roughly 0. 15';0. 35:0ยท50, knowledge point coverage of not less than 50, is 3:2 of algebra, geometry, and so on.
II is on specific topics,, a problem put in a a location Shi, difficulty, and questions, and set asked way, aspects should do suitable sex, and apt sex; theme of conception, and education value should and education target keep consistent, envisaged and expressed, and problem vertical ' difficulty, and normative, and innovation sex, and oriented sex, many see, are is more excellent of, and suitable cut of. Five, harmonious, beautiful harmony of practicality is referred to as paper from the entire volume of the finished product knowledge and ability structure is a harmonious, from the perspective of each question on the internal relationship is harmonious, for the knowledge and abilities examination is comprehensive and reasonable, is concise and let them down, the designs of valve problems were natural and not contrived. Beautiful sex principles is refers to, due to papers in the reflected has science and Humanities spirit of organic combined, note has stable and innovation of balance grasp, note has questions of thinking sex and development sex about has topics of specification and reasonable, in overall feel Shang full has simple and harmony, papers revealed out quality Shang of excellent and mathematics Shang, and typesetting Shang of beauty, it both performance for form of beautiful, graphics Shang of symmetric, also performance for structure Shang of reasonable, and expression Shang of concise, also performance in set asked Shang of delicate, logic relationship of natural harmony. Requirements for building harmonious and beautiful is a holistic '-style on the pursuit. Why promote the pursuit of style? because style is a creation to promote style, advocating creation. Only style is simple and harmonious, innovative, beautiful and rather dull on the mode of the pursuit, it is possible to create new and rather, and.

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