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Culture of flexibility and smoothness

Through the investigation, found students do worse in terms of flexibility and fluidity of thought, the reason, we believe that the following three reasons a serious obstacle to their development.
1. Not sure knowledge, knowledge cannot organize and systematize recall knowledge fragmented, fail to grasp the logic relation between knowledge, knowledge, and ability to be divided between development; 2. Inadequate training of the students ' divergent thinking ability of teachers, resulting in students ' narrow-minded and dull single; 3. "Tihaizhanshu" serious hinder has students thinking flexibility of development, in "tihaizhanshu in the get of problem-solving capacity, is in single of problem situation in the is in single of thinking situation in the training out of, this training often led to students attention knowledge of memory, and questions reconciliation method of memory, its consequences is formed has sea in the topics and solution Zhijian of reflex, over time, students on will formed stubborn of thinking set, adapted can't changes of thinking situation, in novel of conditions Xia, Loss when you need creative problem solving ... Find gaps in teaching and learning, we can put forward the cultivation of students ' thinking flexibility and fluidity of specific methods. First, note the extensive links between knowledge, form a coherent structure of knowledge in the subject, but also between the cross and infiltration, and extensive social, contact life and students ' knowledge, skills and comprehensive training and improve the pattern of thinking, thinking flexibility and fluidity.
Second, the psychological study results show that awareness is the product of interaction between subject and object, students only from textbooks, teacher, life has been multifaceted, multi-level, step by step understanding of mental stimulation can be established in the minds of three-dimensional structure of knowledge, students in such a dynamic process of learning to develop their creative thinking skills. Attention to the training of divergent thinking ability of students, encourage students ' innovative consciousness and creativity.
Carried out physical experiment and extracurricular activities, development thinking of originality from survey results view, middle school students thinking of originality performance better, but development very not stable, not stable of reasons may due to its flexibility and smooth sex poor makes originality development lost has Foundation in unilateral Tung depending on sent morning thinking originality of teaching conditions Xia, will appeared polarization, makes part students left behind, not conducive to creative thinking capacity of full development. The development of students ' thinking and originality in many secondary schools physics teaching practice has provided us with valuable experience, they particularly pay attention to in the teaching of physics. Inspection, except completed textbooks Shang all students experiment and demonstrates experiment outside, also increased some improve of experiment, as Lorentz is hereby force experiment,; homemade has many experiment AIDS, design odd, and interest, and new, and insurance experiment; as let students participation demonstrates experiment, a people performance, class resonance; variable validation sex experiment for exploration sex experiment, learning scientists quest of method; put job in the involves of some experiment do to students see, for example molecular diameter of measurement, tiny deformation of experiment,. Theory and practice has proved that the middle school has a very strong sense of invention, by making physics experiments and activities can be rid of the potential ability to play out.
Each experiment and production activities to give students inspiration and to show their creative abilities, many works represent unique are immeasurably in advance. ' Physical activities, is respect for the students ' personality, effective means of cultivating non-intelligence factors. Physics theories are abstract, students learn the physical difficulty is sensibility too little knowledge to a great extent, physical activities, can increase a student's knowledge helps students understanding of physical problems, but also enhances the students ' interest in physics, students will broaden their Outlook. Some students with poor academic performance is by making physics extracurricular activities to promote interest in, and improved physical performance.
In addition, arranged numerous experiments in physics class, more regulations and restrictions on student activities, many students rely on heavier, are not duly exercise. Making physics curricular activities carried out, arousing students ' interest, theory with practice, everyone will independently complete their work, students come from curiosity to hobbies, until a dedicated road, many students are able to experience from design to the joy of success. Both hands and brain, has a certain creative activities, mobilize the students ' enthusiasm and initiative, exercise the students ' willpower, imagination and a spirit of adventure, which will benefit them for life, eventually becoming the nation-building talents.

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