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Comprehensive comparison of boring to interest

Polyphonic duoyizi relative to the previously mentioned characters and Word, sound duoyizi only in one specific word pronunciation and meaning changes, and its pronunciation changes are limited. After all know the pronunciation of a particular pronunciation, then according to the pronunciation to explore different language mix of word-formation rules.
1. Adjustable acquisition: only pay attention to study civil cadres in order to properly mediate civil disputes. Learning II: before the show began, erhu tuned strings, ensure that the tone accurately. Learn three: thanks to this year's good weather, combined with several harvesters were drawn from outside the village village and get farmers to harvest their crops before the rainy season into the granary.
2. Learning: as black whistle from the referee, the football competitions are the lower side, outside of fans was bristling with anger.
Learning II: head of the Department for future treatment of the employees, said grace, but there is no specific, substantial measures, secretly he was staff dubbed '' karate master "nickname.
3. Poor: back's father said: "the gap between urban and rural life is not now, but in terms of spiritual life, rural poor, but from the overall living standard of our people is of uneven development, even in the cities, the living standard of the residents is also uneven. "
4. Reference: the army and went to the northeastern border, the first time I saw farmers grew ginseng scene, he was a novelty, and there plenty of learning, although is ginseng, variety and nutritional value, but uneven.
5. Education: since the moment I stepped up to the podium, he deeply comprehend the major mission of teaching, when his teacher because he is on the rostrum to teach students to set up the lofty ideal of life.
6. Chewing: wear a snaffle bit horse standing in front of a horse chewing grass slowly.
The key word in the text ... Middle School vocabulary learning and accumulation is not the main task, but the key word in the text due to specific language in the paper environment, cannot be provided to the students to a variety of semantic environment. Therefore, teachers require students to understand key words of a particular application, it should also encourage the students to master the use of key words. If front-shaped characters, homophonic and polyphonic duoyizi comparison is primary, one-way, typical words in the text of the exercises is to improve students ' language abilities. Here are two "learning" in middle school Chinese textbook is selected respectively to the second test and the key words in dry eyes.
Learning words: bright, Dim, endowment, picky, education, demanding, filled, confused, nodded the second test) requirements, is where students can understand the profound Chinese. Finally, compare, identify, and use of the word, should focus on interests and the unity of science. Without violating the scientific premise, and strive to do interesting, scenes, or with a certain storyline, in this way, students will learn to be interested, also remember the faster, deeper. Finally, in general more effort, in comparison, differential and integrated process, encourages students to actively seek, summary: differences in words and rules. Experience has shown that the "learn to swim by swimming" is an effective teaching method, it can be said, how the student's subjectivity of play, often directly and ultimately determines the effect of words and language teaching.
Chinese is a vast ocean, go into it, there will be an inexhaustible supply of wealth, you will! experience unlimited pleasure. Teachers ' Holy and glorious, only not instructors, students who do not learn well. , Week, this, in language teaching, not because students remember the sound, shape, and meaning of a Word, use (French) complain about students ' speed, such as obtuse. However, as language teachers, we should be aware of, is still quite popular for students to practice of mechanical copying words, not only adds to the burden on students rhyme, added endless troubles to the students, but is also blamed for language teaching are not satisfactory.
Reducing students ' burden, improve the quality of young people, is the goal of new curriculum reform. There is no doubt that achieving this goal requires the majority of primary and secondary school teachers for the long, painstaking exploration. In my opinion, advocated in this paper and presentation: kinds of knowledge teaching, education and capacity-building as one of the word teaching method on the reform of Chinese teaching in primary and secondary schools is clearly full of significance. Of course, teaching "art without limits", the author will continue to explore in the future Chinese teaching, constantly sum up: the combination of experience and theory, to better serve the cause of Chinese language education.

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