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Let the students know what, namely, how to reproduce the meaning of the text, students should understand the textbook, teachers expressed will I think that belongs only to the surface. If only reached this level, then, becomes a Chinese teaching information science, just bite out of context information. For passing this information, however, teachers are not teaching reference in greater detail. In this case, teaching itself vulnerable to some form of program operation, that is to say, the existence of life, teacher, student rhyme exists, exists independently of the books, not what might happen in a real chance between them. And links to knowledge, it is based on how to avoid the rigid understanding of the text, designed to teach students how to will be based on. The use of its own experience and its related fields, refactoring the text to understand, this is a deep understanding of structure. In the course of this understanding, what matters is not whether the voice is understood in line, that certainty of access, but allow students to have the ability to know what understanding is possible and whether it is reasonable. Students are not studying the text of the text, to enable students to methods, contents and the course became linked to the structure and its significance in the social reality. As Dole created "dance lessons", one of the dance between two partners--teachers and textbooks, teacher and students, students interact with books-results. In this way, "meaning not from the references in the text, the test, which was created in our dialogue with the text.
But in reality the process of teaching, teachers must restrain themselves, only a set of standard, have become the conclusion of reading, only after the students wrote down this interpretation and then relax. Students also develop the habit of thinking of this specification. Went to College, is still the same routine to interpret literary works, such effects are too deeply ingrained. Teachers, too, years of lessons, say so don't really know how to tell. We say the language education to the spirit of humanity, this is not a slogan, this is connected with the heart. If teachers and students, between students and teachers and textbooks really bid farewell to this rigid and aloof, expressions of cultural heritage in the textbook pattern, vindicate the speech acts types, according to the speaker's expression of intention and sincerity the validity claims it is no longer just a hope. As bing said: "our kids, not properly using his laughing and the crying. In order to live and feel we need a beautiful smile and full of beautiful tears

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