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Evaluation of chemistry teaching concept in the theory of multiple intelligences

United States Harvard University psychologist Howard Gardner, multiple intelligences theory, human intelligence is divided into 9 types, namely: words--linguistic intelligence, mathematical logic – intelligent, Visual--spatial intelligence, one by one movement of the body intelligent, one beat of the music intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, self awareness of smart, nature smart, intelligent. Gardner's nine intelligence science to describe human intelligence structure, he thinks everyone has these nine basic intelligence, only differences in degree, between these different combinations showed differences in intelligence between individuals. This a views on teaching evaluation produced has strongly of impact, traditional of teaching evaluation just oriented students of two species intelligent, that language intelligent and mathematical one by one logic intelligent, and on other intelligent involved is less, led quite more in music, and space movement, and introspection, aspects has intelligent advantage of students was posted Shang has "students" of label, limit has students many potential of development. Each of the intelligent multiple intelligences are equally important in the overall status of teaching evaluation is not just one-sided for one aspect of the smart should be established "assessment for multiple intelligences" comprehensive evaluation.
Each student has their own advantages intelligence and development of different students, there are no "slow learners", and not biased towards a certain aspects of teaching evaluation accordingly, insisting the selection and elimination, but through the evaluation of students ' potential and personality development. Therefore, the establishment and multiple intelligences theory suitable for a wide range of chemistry teaching evaluation is essential.
A, evaluation of the diversified intelligence test and subject tests as a way of teaching evaluation, who occupies an important position, also played an important role. But only on the basis of consequences is to place undue emphasis on one-sided, ignoring students ' all-round development. Under the guidance of the theory of multiple intelligences, we should adopt various complementary compound assessment. Comprehensive evaluation of performance evaluation of comprehensive evaluation is aimed at students of each evaluation method of intelligent design, design for Chemistry teaching in integrated evaluation of reference are as follows. Language intelligent: let students to told story of form learning chemist of deeds and chemical history; music--rhythm intelligent: put students was difficult memory of elements periodic table dubbed simple of sheet music, be singing and memory; body--movement intelligent: let students for independent of integrated experiment operation; logic one by one mathematical intelligent: through same main family cycle elements structure of similar sex, speculated that some unknown elements of nucleus outside electronic of arrangement and the nature; Visual-- Spatial intelligence: showing some model of organic molecules and important information on participation in learning activities, students began to make some model or configuration to represent organic compounds; interpersonal intelligence: the implementation of student research project, group collaboration, contact the implementation site, write investigation reports; knowing – introspective intelligence: teaching students to recognize and reflect on themselves.
2. Learning archives bags evaluation learning archives bags evaluation is refers to to file form rendering students a a period in learning, and thought, and growth, all aspects of status, and to archives bags of form save records, can for students provides a continuous of evaluation process, obviously to displayed students in a a period within of development changes, full to reflect students all aspects of progress, to teachers, and students and students parents provides objective of evaluation according to. Learning portfolio can include students, including chemical experiment design, process records, unit summary of knowledge, troubleshooting, learning strategies, and evaluation of self and others, require teachers and students to gather material. Learning portfolio advantage is a comprehensive record of students ' learning process, encouraging students to take responsibility to learn, become reflective learners, but also convenient for teachers, students, parents, interaction between the three. United States Department of education assessment technology performance evaluation is defined as "by the students themselves given answers to the questions show and works to determine the knowledge and skills acquired by the students."
Performance assessment is through the records of students in practical problem-solving process actions, presentations, oral presentations, outer behavior or students of the design programme, thesis and other academic results to evaluate the student's ability. Performance assessment an active advocate of student participation in the evaluation process evaluation, be the subject of evaluation, make students aware of evaluation is a way of discovering and self-improvement. Performance assessment lies in the nature of the student's creation. It not only links the integrated thinking and problem-solving, but also let students solve in cooperation the authenticity or similar to real-life problems, teaching is realistic. Performance assessment requires students to find out the solution, or by conduct to show their own learning processes and results, through the students ' performance in completing various tasks, examining some intuitive intelligence of multiple intelligences.

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