How young children learn English best

Q: my daughter for an English class, after some time found that he was not interested in learning, there is no significant, ask the children how to learn English is the most effective?
Answer: in view of the development of children's physical and mental characteristics of native Chinese learn English at present in China, small children learn English should be guided by the following key principles:
1, play children's subjectivity. Creation of conditions so that children actively participate in learning activities, forcing children to learn, counterproductive, or even abhorrent. In the infant stage, willing to learn, learn to be more important than science.
2, learning in games. Game is the best carrier of early learning activities to be carried out, and development potential of children learn English best way.
Good communication and positive encouragement. Adults actively encourage and stimulate children to speak English, but not demanding, discerning, or eager to correct its errors of language, otherwise it will let children have a fear of losing confidence in learning English. Children speak English confidence is accurate is more important than English.

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