The most ridiculous theory of education

1, is the height of the shortest Board of education decision.
Comments: was a fart. As we all know, decide how far a person can go is often what you will-that is, your "interest" is long enough! In traditional education, people are generally artificial, education is a "Supplement long short Board", however, is that we forget that children are different, some people spend a lifetime can be difficult to put "short Board make up the", let alone "fill long." Chen jingrun was born was born to mathematics, then you let him put a new language "fill the long" give it a try? Ding jinhui seems natural not NBA material, try it you let him play basketball instead? Therefore, the "people-oriented" education has always held that: never fill long short Board of education, but "merit longer!"
The traditional elite likes to talk about "short Board theory", is to give your wanton "tweak" students find theoretical support. The subjective wish of adults no matter how many good good, but you must never forget--education must start from the children, "suitable" and "right" are the best!
2, a teacher from the best.
Comments: ridiculous. If teachers have a number of ideas, he first put his son into a great genius, unless he takes his son. You trust a feeling frustrated in love guiding expert? Teachers likely to impart knowledge, may I ask, did he can instill the ability and wisdom, so called outstanding students, 80% is on the talents and the results of your efforts! Where is the teacher from the best, but his student, teacher, and you got somebody else's light.
3, only don't teach teachers, not students were not taught.
Comment: the most ridiculous story. Which teacher would not teach? Key is the teachers how to teach, what to teach, what is the relationship between teaching and learning. Traditional education major stupidity is infinite zoom to teach functions! "Only do not teach teachers, not students were not taught", this opinion is a violation of basic common sense, it is an "anti-education" classic. If the teaching is not from the "children", the do not follow the rules of education, do not follow the rules of children's learning and cognition, then, will always have a large number of "teaching not" students! Teaching is "teach students how to learn", "make learning happen to students," teachers "teach" to serve the students of "learning", to dare to reconstruct teaching--change "Center" to "Learning Center"!
4, as nervous as a test class.
Comment: the illegal lay language in educational psychology. Learn what conditions are required? A person in a State of nervous learning happen? If each class as the exam, then the nerve of teachers afraid students will break the string, education is testing the student's spirit of tolerance? I believe the educational concepts will make each student nightmares, and that death. Education is to educate the "Psychology" in support of "children's learning", first in class to meet the "study" the need of need conditions of learning, teachers should make learning conditions, this "condition" should include: equality, democracy, consultation, loose ... ... But should not "test"!
5, three of the teaching, management of seven.
Comments: close to the prison. Traditional education advocate, by managing "first win their hearts, then teaching", which my docile students can refer to the East to the West to the East and the West. We can also further analysis, management is the core of the traditional "control", "prisoner", "dictatorship", which migrated to the classroom, became "indoctrination", "training", "request" and we can only be summed up: under the authoritarian education idea, only exam-oriented education! If education is a concept that's the problem, then the problem of such concentrated exposure to the classroom, therefore, gerze move education reform the "fulcrum", not caught teaching the school always is true education go further!
6, everything is for the students, for the students of all.
Comment: lie unblinking lie. If it really is for all students, then why don't you reform? Scolded by the teachers how students and even "green scarf", "cut Dick" ... ... If for all students, so students don't want to do homework? For all students on the implementation of the "zero operation." Therefore, says you should do, otherwise, exaggerated, loss of basic educational integrity, and how to "educate" students?
7, the student for their children.
Comment: certainly not his own. When the campus is filled with weariness and confrontations, depending on the families of children, then turned into a mockery of education! What's more, the epitome of China's feudal Liege relationship of parent-child relationship is, a Royal-Chen Chen, father and his son. If real children as "human", then please respect them and accept them, he mentioned, equality, democracy as possible can be, there's no need, they may not appreciate!
NET 8, static.
Comments: children far away from education. Pure text game, but exactly is the headmaster of an ordinary illiterate favorites.
"Net" without any question, better clean than dirty, I applaud. Can "competing" of problem worth consider, why not put learning who considered win-win who, and cooperation who, do don't put social of malignant competition into campus, or such of culture only training a "villain"; most reactionary of is "static", apparently is didn't put students as didn't grew up of "small adults", if he is a children, he of nature originally on lively good moving, he has curiosity and show to, blindly stressed "static" apparently is "anti-children" of, "specifically and children against" of education is "people" did? If you acknowledge the child is a "creature", that will grant him "moving"! BACK

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