How to learn Chinese

First, textbook to learn book is the basis for many of the students, and about indulges the sea, resulting in time-consuming and extensive cultivation, to little effect. For example of classical Chinese learning, curricular contents not read through, morphology and syntax did not learn to get through, to rush into the sea to "swim", apparently in vain, upside down. Writings within this "Sparrow", was carefully dissected thoroughly, to judge the outside, by analogy. The recitation must be rattled; the read must be overripe in mind. In General, an examination of the materials taken from the outside, but the test and answers in class. Second, learning to listen is important outside of listening to the teacher to explain, lectures, a writing, drawing circles in the book, write down the key points and difficulties in a notebook, and concerns, and to listen and think, should pay attention to the teacher's lecture in class thinking, and positive thinking, ready to speak. Many students often do not pay attention to classroom attendance, a link, a lesson in class and it takes several hours to make up for it, is worth the candle. Three, the study notes no less content in language learning is the most important is reading. If you want to learn the language, read a few textbooks are not enough, have to read a lot of books, get spiritual nourishment from the book. Recommended to ensure hours of reading time each day, can be a block of time, can also be distributed, before going to sleep and ask myself, do you read for an hour today? Ouyang Xiu's "immediately, and the pillow, on the toilet," reading, Zheng Banqiao's use of "boat, immediately, is at the end," recited should be examples to us. At the same time, we must develop at any time to take notes, organize notes of good habits. Because the knowledge of languages is too fragmented, with the knowledge that so often tidy; Taking Notes helped to cultivate the habit of thinking, improving coherence and profundity of thought, contribute to a better understanding of the reading comprehension and memory. Study notes has the following several ways: excerpt, extract method, method of making a card, the feed hook black law, writing about law. Four, independent thinking, thinking is the most important center of learning. The habit of independent thinking habits, first of all, to be good at asking questions, thinking from the start. Thus, thinking the best way is to ask why. Suggested modern "read more, think more, do less questions", after reading the article, leave 2-3 minutes time giving yourself a few questions, to see if I can answer it. To answer, you understand; otherwise it has no effect. Asked what is the center of this article? What was this article? How to write? Why write? Five, tools, books through reading and study to develop a dictionary, dictionaries and other reference books used. Many types of reference books, in addition to dictionaries, thesauruses, but also including documentation, index, available for consultation in the library. The most commonly used reference books such as the Xinhua dictionary, the modern Chinese dictionary, the ancient Chinese characters commonly used in dictionaries and the poems of Tung dynasty, the CI appreciation dictionary. Reference books are not only the best teachers, you can always check out problems encountered, but also for general reading material to read. Six, diary jottings practice every day we don't have to put diaries and essays so terror, diaries and essays is to make yourself a day of experience, thoughts and selective, focused record. Not only flexible, can be long or short, but Syria is debatable; and extensive content, could work, everything about it. Diaries and essays of exercise has two advantages, one is practicing the language proficiency, the second is practicing its own thinking and cognitive ability, ability to pay attention to the cultivation of the ability to observe, to feel, thinking. The saying goes "practiced, and quanbulishou" language writing ability required "pen in hand". BACK

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