Hard work, Foundation for the happiness of life

On Earth, when there are the people who are hardworking people, you can find one at all times and to contribute to the human person, and then studied his life, will find that they are all hardworking people, all of whom believe that hard work is fundamental to life. Is the hardworking cast the dignity of their lives.
Another person, rea in prison to steal Rob, cheat and criminal, most of them are paranoid people for doing nothing, most of the lazy people. Pursue their ideological roots of crime, most of them think that "man shall not be your personal appetency rich" often refuse to acknowledge hard work is fundamental to life, so they have to rely on other ways to gain fame and fortune, so that on the road to crime. It was laziness leads to the failure of their lives.
Diligence is the source of happiness, idleness is the root of all evils. United States scholars at Harvard University for more than 20 years of follow-up study found that child labor of love and not love than labor, adult unemployment rates is 1:15, the crime rate is 1:10. This is amazing! This suggests that the main means of labour not only to create the material means of subsistence, and it is also the people's thinking, purify people's minds, forming an important way for good values and good character. A labor of love for the child, often in the life skills and character far more than labor of love that child. Children often take part in labor, experienced the hardships of labor, will know from work is not easy, it will deepen the relationship with parents and working people, so germinal to honor their parents, caring for others, consciousness of thrift; if the child grew up not loving labor, does not participate in labor, you may hit on the fat, indolent, contempt for workers ' awareness.
Intelligent and diligent boy, will become more intelligent; clever and hardworking children, become selfish and greedy, will sprout some delusional dumb idea for doing nothing, and may be on the road to crime. Not too bright but hardworking children, work can persevere, work in the future, also with their own hard work foothold in the workplace, even can do great things. Not smart and lazy boy will become a burden on the family, in the community in the future, is a burden on society.
A person who has knowledge and skills and love of labor, is the true and noble man. That cannot work and who doesn't love labor, even if he has a brilliant mind and a wide range of knowledge, is not considered a noble man.
Kids lazy, is a family concern.
At present, the majority of the urban and rural families have only one child families. This raises an issue of concern, namely, child domestic work less time. In 1996, "China urban one-child personality development team" investigated the only child of 10-15, a total of 3,490 students and their parents, the students from 60 schools in 12 cities. Investigation in the investigation of these students engaged in housework time. Statistical results are: cleaning, cleaning work never or rarely do 31%, for work such as washing the dishes, washing the dishes never or rarely do 48.1%, never or rarely wash wash the clothes of 63.2%, never or rarely cook with 69.7%, never or rarely help home shopping 38.6%. The study of the only-child average daily working hours of analysis may also reflect some problems. Survey results show that, every day, working children accounted for 9.7%, a daily average of labor 1-10 minute 47.3% 11-20 minute 27.2% 21-30 minute 11.9% 30-60 minutes 2.8%, more than an hour of only 1.1%. From the minute and longer working hours, lower the percentage. One child per day averaged 11.32 minutes of labor.
Why has this situation come about? There are two possible reasons: one is because our parents spoil their children, afraid of work tired, children simply not worked. Household tasks such as cooking, washing the dishes, clean the House, wash clothes, bed, all taibaodalan down by parents. Another reason was that our parents require their children to learn lessons, regardless of everything else. Aimed at children of parents will save time doing housework, hard lessons. Children often fail to understand their parents ' good intentions, but gradually formed a false view, believe that their task is to learn, housework and care work is done by the parents. In this way, many primary and middle school students in the home do not do housework, if food tastes, the laundry late, room is not good, they will complain loudly. In their view, parents give their clothes to Cook was the done thing. They did not realize that this is a "mother" or "father". Their ability of daily life in the family is very poor, and very prone to some bad character and quality, indolence, selfishness, lack of responsibility, and so on.
The 50 's to the 80 's of the last century, college freshmen enrollment are students bring their own bags to school report. Since the 90 's, each year of college freshmen report, around almost every student has "accompanying persons", for his luggage, Office procedures, students watch. This is the common thing.
Research shows that child labour-time independence has significant relationship with the child, that the child of labor for a long time, its independence is strong. Meanwhile, housework and children's awareness of industrious and thrifty is significant relationships, children engaged in housework easier habit of industrious and thrifty character. Some parents, on the one hand the House taibaodalan, and complained that the children of ease, wouldn't it be funny?
Labour education for children, this does not simply referring to older children.
For small children, work to promote mind and hand, promote intellectual development. To begin, kids exercise thinking of gymnastics. The saying goes "ingenuity" never was said to have "mind" after a "handyman", "heart" (actually a brain) and "hand" of development is to promote each other, reinforce each other. Child labor and child labor, is different from adult labor on the significance and role of, for small children, labor coordination can make the child's hands and brain development, brain cells that can make the child more stimulation, accelerating the growth of brain cells, promote children's intellectual development. For big kids, let them labor training, learn to do some work, will be able to reduce their dependence on the parents, will promote children's "things you can do yourself, without relying on others to help" the formation of sense of independence. So it can be said that labor for their child's sense of independence, the creation of consciousness is of great significance.
Kids have the industrious hands, will make it a lifetime. A large number of facts show that, regardless of how knowledge levels, family background, income, and General housework, labor of love since childhood, and into middle age, are often particularly capable, works great, a fulfilling family life. Usually from small lazy, labor of love, and also often fail to endure hardship when I grow up, independence and ability, is average. Therefore, the pushy parents from their children as a child for the child to create an environment and conditions, early work training for children, children to do things on their own, child labor, and labor.
Now, many parents give their children more time to study, automatically forwarding all of the household chores. A long time, children are granted. Until one day need their children to work, but he didn't want to do won't do.
We often see that children in rural areas, families with many children, particularly among rural children, more than one year old will have their own holding the bowl to eat, and kids in the city, especially in the city's only child, also let the adults feed the hungry was two or three years. This can never justify child stupid than rural children in the city, where urban kids "stupid" is for parents to "keep". Similarly, children's diligence and laziness is basically the parents "nurturing". Many parents believe that their dressing skills are not trained to eat, grow up naturally. So these parents to help their children to dress for dinner, which is actually a kind of injury to the child. In General, a half year old child can learn with bowls, chopsticks, spoons, children will eat their own often are interested in eating, often rely on others to feed hungry children eating, looking away, attention is not on the meal. These students often have anorexia.
Labor Education is that children must accept life lessons. Education, child labor, was the beginning of creating a good life for their children. Through education, not only to develop children's skills, and can exercise their will, and lay the Foundation for their independence in the community. BACK

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