Enhancing students ' creative imagination

One science teacher about their practices, said: "through the Internet to open up their horizons; followed by analysis of invention of the successful cases, train children's creativity; the third is through training, make children imagine a paper clip could do nothing. In addition, the imagination is also important to create the atmosphere of so children dare to do. Finally, the evaluation and encouragement is also important in a timely manner. In addition, science teachers, we learn to appreciate the first child, secondly, to express our appreciation, there is funding, free admission to Museum of science and technology, so many parents and children to visit. Expect more resources for such activities in the community. "A youth centre tutor believes that education is very important, such as second class, youth Palace needs attention. She said the "basic education is not only the accumulation of knowledge, as well as the cultivation of practical ability and creative spirit. But now the juvenile education environment, whether in family, social and school are more utilitarian. In this case, how to build a high-quality second class, we need to think seriously about. How free and Exchange in the second class, the creative imagination of children improved, I've been thinking of. "There are many teacher pointed out that the creative imagination of the students not to rely solely on the second class can develop.
Because imagine comes from life, in real life, is what we can do to stimulate a child's imagination. Survey, there is a school at the beginning of each semester to students listed a number of activities, such as activities observe flora and fauna, and handmade activities, students are free to choose. In this school, they have professional mix is designed for science teachers, physics, biology and chemistry background, to better train students ' interests. Also, they believe that competition is students a chance to reflect the creativity, students participate in the competition not to play the game, but to give students an experience. In this concept, they encourage the race interested, learn more than the students volunteered to participate in the contest. Our survey also found that with the deepening of knowledge of students ' extracurricular contest, their imagination score increases. In particular subject olympiads and scientific activities events, volunteering and "an award-winning" student and "attended", "do not understand" the creative imagination of scores of students there are significant differences. Comprehensive survey results, we propose to enhance the students ' creative imagination, at least on the following aspects:
(A) the school to further inquiry, student-centred approach to teaching and promoting continuous development of creative imagination. Overseas studies have pointed out that school factors that hinder creativity include: choice and way of teaching by rote, excessive external assessments, such as stress tests, which will lead to students ' lack of self-growth and stifle the development of students ' creative thinking. Our results also showed that 56. 3% of students think their schools in order to deal with them, the teacher let students a lot of play in the classroom exercises, as well as a variety of problem-solving methods. With the basic education reform, pay attention to the sea exercises and examination of the education situation has been gradually improving, but the process has been slow, and takes time to precipitate and deepened. We recommend that the school in the future to further inquiry and student-centred teaching methods, promoting continuous development of creative imagination.
(B) families to create equal, relaxed atmosphere to facilitate the creative imagination of development of the child. Parents ' education training of creativity has an important effect on children. In elementary school, children exposed to a large number of appearances, most often is like asking why. At this point, parents have to patiently answered the child; if you do not know or do not know the knowledge, and the kids find information to solve, give the child good example, while subtly affecting the children, let them learn how to learn. Also, parents should encourage children to explore, independent thinking, promote a more open view of their thinking is more divergent, in order to raise the level of their creative imagination. The other hand, relatively harmonious family atmosphere, regular exchange of parents and children within the family, and will also promote the development of students ' creative imagination. Foreign Studies show that care less and constraints too strict parent-child relationship will affect the healthy development of children's personalities. Therefore, in the process of cultivating students ' creative imagination, note also that form a harmonious family atmosphere. But in real life, many parents pay more attention to the economic satisfaction of children, only children do "good boy".
What is "good"? simple, obedient, do what is "good". This is in fact tantamount to encouraging kids too lazy to think, truly worthy of our attention. In addition, our research also shows that "go" visiting the Science Museum, the Museum, the Zoo and Botanical Garden of the students ' creative imagination Gets the highest score (33. 87); "occasional" visiting students score (33. 35 points); "hardly ever" the lowest score of the students (32. 56). Therefore, parents or teachers had the chance, often children and exchange of knowledge and information and technology-related content, if conditions permit, parents and teachers often bring their children to parks, museums and other science museums to visit in order to cultivate students ' creative imagination. BACK

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