How to draw the character sketch

How to draw sketch? Many students are confused, and every time I picked up the pen to paint always draw no effect you want, or the mind blank, had no idea what he wanted, things! Sketch is a very important subject, throughout history an important step is collecting material artists today have many artists keep the good habit, every day with a painting, where paint where. Sketch exercise we observe, analyze and synthesize, do this step for artists (especially beginners) is very important. Sketch the aesthetic experience into different steps can be improved.
Now easy blog art teacher, the next sketch some of the basic steps:
Step one: first, we must first draw a large proportion, to head to the shoulders and waist, legs of EMF curve drawn (no details), following the proportions identified transitions and dynamic between them.
Step two: then there's deep, this time from the head, you can start to draw, when drawing attention to perspective and clothes lines, turn the clothing line to paint richly, fully convincing.
Step three: make overall adjustments, such as shoes, hats and other details added, makes the picture better integrity.
In short draw sketches don't try so hard, don't draw a few pieces of felt down, no progress would not like to draw, to have some patience, insist that only in this way can do better. BACK

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