Color still-life painting methods

color still-life painting can be divided into three steps: Pu, in-depth description and picture of the whole adjustment is simple, it is one of the whole to the part back to the whole process.
The first step: Pu color phase as a whole. This stage should pay attention to several problems.
1, the integrity of the composition, and composition in many ways, can be roughly divided into triangular composition, s-shaped composition, composite triangular composition and a series of z-shaped composition, composition, here the triangular composition is not in line of the triangle, students must understand painting.
2, make sure you have full frame, then monochrome sketch objects and fabric trends, there is general value, don't glimmer of bright color such as red, yellow, because next portrait will bring some trouble to you. Above after the work is completed we will start fully laying out tones of the picture, don't rush to put color, careful observation of the painting is what color we paint, clear colors, can quickly enter the laying stage. Pu color should be started from the main focus of the objects, shadows, projections began to pen. Speed control at this stage, to quickly pull color, compare color contrast between the different objects. Never ran to the local thin characterizations and find out their light and dark surfaces, refined summarized the focus of Pu. In the shop when you want to control the water, do not paint too thick, painted thick shape brings a lot of trouble for you. Pu color control, color should be comprehensive to do in half an hour.
Second: describe the stages we must grasp well, this stage is very important at this stage to show your level of painting, a picture of success or failure. Further note to describe primary and secondary reality, level, volume and spatial relationships of the objects, but also to show texture characteristics of different objects. Some students keep in mind, further characterization is not called when you lose the whole painting part to depict the objects in the whole, more color around them, as well as spatial relationships.
The third step: overall adjustment. Overall adjustment is is important of a step, some students painting finished local Hou on think has end, but, again overall adjustment in the to do of is on picture for check, see those things is not not into adjustable, or put some trivial of things for antibody, makes of picture more overall, strengthening subject real of description, put primary and secondary relationship for strengthening, again some vessels Shang to good performance out effect.
Summary: in fact, to be painted a color to make it look, sure many good works, took the issue to read, finally, strengthening exercises. Wenzhou yibo tutor network teacher will share with my classmates here, have questions can contact yibo tutor network teacher in Wenzhou.


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