Yoga for beginners book

In recent years, more and more global attention and ancient Yoga like, in China there was a hot yoga, a yoga beginners how to start your own yoga practice ... We HPYOGA to integrate a series of Yoga for beginners can understand and learn the contents of company you enjoy Yoga brings us magical effect.
What is Yoga? Yoga the word from India Sanskrit word "yuj", meaning "same" and "combination" or "harmony". Was a consciousness-raising, system to help human beings to realize their full potential.
How to practice yoga? Yoga happy and peaceful enjoyment of the safe and accurate is the focus of Yoga! Climate, geography, and is often essential.
Practice time: Yoga is best for three or four hours after a meal is appropriate. Early morning or late evening is also a good choice.
Environmental requirements: quiet, comfort and ventilation practices will enable us to bring the enjoyment of physical and mental pleasure.
Ground: should select one made of natural material and its thickness suitable mats, too soft or too hard is not good, mat be sure to support your spine.
Dress code: no jewelry, and wear loose comfortable breathable clothes can bring the best enjoyment.
Diet: Yoga in the process on an empty stomach. Ending one hour after eating better.
The effect of Yoga?
The seven benefits of Yoga and the top ten medical efficacy:
(1) shaping women perfect shape through yoga of position method and sustained of practice, can let you of body get significantly of changes: bodybuilding chest; landscaping chest curve; prevention breast sagging; makes waist soft; landscaping hip: avoid hip muscle relaxation sagging, landscaping hip type, elimination abdominal fat, prevention lower body obesity; Hugh long leg, increased leg reinforced elastic, elimination thigh, shank fat.
(2) preventing chronic disease:
Don't thought only muscle and bones will fatigue, external of body of tired can through you hands of massage and reached soothing, actually human of organ also will produced tired of sense, and with Yoga breathing method tie of various position method of posture, massage body internal organ, not only can promote blood cycle, stretch stiff of muscle, makes joint flexible outside, also can makes glands secretion balance, strengthened neural, certainly chronic disease also will and you insulation.
(3) the Elimination of tension and fatigue:
Standing or sitting position without the right people, or permanent work or life and the spirit taut man, naturally more easily than the general feeling fatigue or Burnout, so that breathing is not normal. Yoga breathing, through conscious breath, to rid the body of waste, suffering, eliminate stress and tiredness.
(4) youth:
Yoga breathing completely, twisting, squeezing, stretching, posture, smooth body meridians of qi and blood, organ function activated, directs cells to delay aging, complexion. Yoga can also regulate mood, and keeps people in peace, joy, life will be upward momentum exactly enter the body, people often remains youth.
(5) weight:
Yoga to lose weight is to fundamentally transform people's physique. Obese people are overeating, practice makes the appetite returns to normal. Also, caused obesity of reasons may also has wills weak, through yoga of cultivation, let you in face food temptation Shi, will has more strong of control force; also, for endocrine disorders or other gynecological reasons of obesity, but only with Yoga various position method to weight loss effect is not is good, need has oxygen movement (running, swimming, bike,) auxiliary only can reached is good of control effectiveness.
(6) training attention to enhance the intellectual:
"Be unsettled and short-tempered", blocking airflow to regulate Yoga with Shuli body disorders of mood, when piercing the irritability, depression and stress and calm down when attention will be more focused and insights more impressive intellectual Ascension of man.
(7) in alleviating the psychological pressure:
Mastering emotions, strengthen the spirit, relieve sorrow and depression, fatigue compression solution, which is everyone constantly tells himself in modern life. Live at ease, there's no trouble with it? Is the need to continue to strengthen and purify the mind, just like a breath of fresh air, learning yoga, breathing until the mind from the body purification, this is a series of reactions. People of thought and emotional is exists and body inside of, take with exercise and relax, focused Yu stretch and the strengthened parts, dang physical and mental completely relax, focused Yu stretch body Shi, body will produced a let people mood happy of "brain within Brown tie", settled mood, on can release tarsal surface mood, and let people has positive idea, gradually reached "body pine calm" and the "physical and mental one" of realm. Using Yoga breathing completely laws can strengthen abdominal visceral, breath control, you can adjust the autonomic nervous system control heart rate to ease the tension.
Ten medical effect 1. keep and promote system play normal of function; 2. strengthening endocrine system of function; 3. massage and strengthened the Department organ, makes its function balance; 4. promote blood cycle, and metabolism; 5. Yoga breathing method, adjustment heart, extended vitality; 6. adjustment spine, enhanced flexible sex; 7. weight loss and maintenance skin; 8. upgrade psychological, and spirit energy, makes heart peace, and quiet; 9. excluded body toxins; 10. slow and elimination chronic disease. BACK

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