Senior Chinese writing skills

Innovation, focus on writing 1, subject to new. "Make bricks without straw. "We usually do a conscientious, good accumulation of material, especially new materials, we want to make a record for future use, never a cliché. To insist on the materials: no I have, I have a new person, not old people "butt bowed." As long as the subject matter is novel and sometimes even fresh material is unprecedented, as long as I have. Readers tend to extricate themselves in our new environment, have to see what happens. Make readers "breaking the sand bottom" idea. A intangible emotional cord always hold the reader inquisitive heart, through lines like in our picture. This requires us to accumulate material, but also be good at organizing material. Topics should not be too large, or too small. Too big tend to generalizations, everything is said and didn't say anything, didn't say anything clearly. Too small, tend to start, have nothing to say, stick to the "small big" principle. Rather, we are simply eating what was left of chewing or always "his mouth hung strainer----poking someone else said below. "Or even" parroting "can only be" learning ", and can't find the self. So even if you write in a "hype", reading it is like it isn't properly prepared, a real "garbage".
2, conception to the new. So-called idea is in the same material, how do we determine the concrete perspective of expression and analysis of the problem. If the same old roots, in the eyes of ordinary people it is a wood; a farmer's eyes it's just cooking fire wood, and in the eyes of artists it was a priceless artworks, described as "benevolent see benevolence wise see wisdom." It requires us to daily exercise should be good at problems from multiple perspectives to analyze the same, daring and unconventional, sure your opinion will have "kicked up a bit of a ruckus" effect, and that different readers will have to read the article "viewed Ling peak" results.
3, want to start with the new. Everyone knows "a good beginning is half the success. "Writing began to attract readers provide a bridge, so start is crucial. Sometimes at the beginning of good or bad, in the sense often determines the success of an article. Good start to hold the reader's pulse, "hot heart" immediately aroused at the beginning of the readers ' enthusiasm, so they can't wait wait to read it, can't stop feeling. Instead, the result is needless to say. Therefore, we must pay attention to: the beginning of the text you want to short and hit the theme. Let it be the readers reading passion, "drive", as the whole article is the best Overture, make others feel we are at the beginning of the text is different, surely it was an extraordinary music.
4. the approach to the new. Here I by said of new technique is refers to we in organization material Shi, to about art, never can disorganized beard eyebrows split--primary and secondary not points, to according to theme carefully to consider: how arrangements material, used what described order, is Shun Syria also is flashback, is inhibition, and is Yang, is details, and is slightly, is the with what rhetoric means to show personality, how show himself of different views and Maria of literary, played ring a article movement of most strong sound. Our articles to do: write, too orderly, too bright, too powerful, too, strengths, and detail. The write place to win at text uppercase, close-up, we carefully consider and carefully realized, less "failure". Discussed in-depth, to make readers imprint. This place, do not ximorujin, to cut "fat" to the article "slim" cruel, false and proceeding. Never had to repeat, can in no way make it the "lazy woman's foot-binding cloth"-long and smelly. Right to a proper sense of detail. In narrative we want to adhere to the tunes of straight, winding streets. Avoid overly blunt, his article into a glass "water", on the contrary, we wish to organize language, cleverly conceived, and the appropriate expression to give readers plenty of thinking and reflection space, authors and readers of empathy can be achieved. Also would like to remind everyone here is: the pulse of the times, original, not to deviate from the times of Lord "direction", but could not bring himself "injury". To make their point of view and the main theme of the times "and" full of modern flavor. We is not to blindly to led with readers of nose, follow to forward go, also not put himself of personal views imposed to we of readers, but let readers see has we articles Hou, in produced heart deep resonance of while, more wants to eager to published they personal and this about of lamented, and feeling, and and unique of views, real to wants to participation discussion and articles views related of problem.
Second, grasp the key points in writing 1. To be good at mental hands. We work in with the chicken head, pork belly, ending at the same time, we also want to make a conscientious, usually carefully observe everything around us changes, collection of material on writing, listen to other people's opinions and feelings, good at borrowing "the comparison", writing to capture and collect valuable information in a timely manner, and accumulate them. Not lazy, and other materials. Only we have plenty of material, writing can be thick and thin hair, wouldn't the "smoke".
2. grasp the writing time. We usually cannot make themselves hard to write articles, if that's the case, wrote most of the articles are "moan", using flowery language and a pile of "embroidered pillow" can only be seen for nothing, if mystifying, grandstanding, it is better not to write. Only when the idea (that is, the desires and impulses) when we have a writer's spring-like feeling. At this time, while those from the heart when you feel ready, paint splashes, at once, all at ease. We only use "mind" to write, would write resonance for readers of the article, to moving, education without results.
3, good record. When we have a passion for writing and writing desire or impulse, when our mind will produce some novel ideas and new information. If you do not immediately written down, they are "fleeting." So this time we have to seize the time to write, flapping catches them in a timely manner, as far as possible in one fell swoop, the entire article as a whole clearly points clear, seamless. In the writing of this note in "passion" to be "hot" wrought iron, otherwise, you may have to start all over again, or fall short. But for us to write a good article, and still not eager to finalize, to put it on the article "cold treatment". Wait a few days and then come back to read it, you will suddenly have a lot of it has to change, even if it was the most satisfactory place, now has to be open to question. This shows that he is "see more than gamesters" are "does not know the truth, just because in the midst of the mountain" reasons. Now back to look at it from another angle, did find a number of disadvantages. This just goes to show us the "cooling" improve our writing skills. Meanwhile, we are in the "cold treatment" process must be willing to "give up", carefully weighing every word in the article, or even one of the words used in the title is appropriate. Strive to achieve: change of times, still don't get tired. Because we are writing is limited, so we write the article when it is modified, even tempered, and probably won't be perfect. Therefore, modifying the article, we should be good at drawing the public at home long. How to find a few people with "critical" eyes to read it, go to it, you will be able to learn from each other, your writing will improve quickly. BACK

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