Candidates in how to learn

1. arrange life schedules, study plan, focus on a solid foundation, check on a lack of trapping. For graduate students is not easy, but students should be relaxed appropriately, such as reading, watching television, holiday, communication with the students, remember the modest relaxation does not mean indulgence.
2. collecting and collating done wrong topic, select tests the real training in a timely manner. Study period, direct our knowledge to review, do as much as it tests the true subject of the calendar year. After he finished his set of question papers, timely answers to see which topics to drop points, figure out lost causes. By doing it you can understand tests the proposition range and depth of topics and related questions. Meanwhile, record also the wrong question at the wrong title set or make a mark with a red pen, easy to review next time. In the process of reviewing, encounter insurmountable problems, can gather together, down in prepared booklets.
3. systematically sort out discipline, form a platform for knowledge systems and structures. Students must calm down, and read the textbooks. Strengthen the memory of concepts, words and formulas, textbook knowledge of concepts, rules, formulae, comb over. First compiled the chapters in key points and test center, found links between the basic concept, a system so that each piece of knowledge. Secondly to compare confusing concept, rule, discrimination, with appropriate exercises to consolidate. Once again, grasp the key points and textbook knowledge in blending together, sort out clues, left late in the test review. How to check for "look"? Teach you a move, but after reading the book, I close the book, fill in the corresponding tables designed. BACK

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