High school mathematics learning methods

Mathematics is very important in our entrance exam subjects, so we must pay attention to in the process of learning, and develop a good learning method. Success does not depend on genius, success is through hard work, success is the right approach. Only the method can succeed. The students around us and ourselves, could not have been hard, but the result is always on not going, increasing learning time, want to improve test scores, always backfire. Why? Because you have a problem, here are some ways to learn.
1, usually use encyclopedias to find do not understand the matter.
When you score cannot go up when a problem with certain methods. We need to take the time to review their approach to learning, enhance our learning methods, methodological correct their learning problems, scores a breakthrough leap is just around the corner.
2 times more generous time, such as vacation can start with parts you are interested in learning. (Also can cultivate interest in part linked to) "the learning of Mathematics"
Investigation is mainly based on mathematical knowledge, the challenge is only based on the Direct synthesis. So the book is of great importance, if none of the textbook knowledge master, there is no analogy of capital.
Content of the textbook, first, before you can preview it in class, or class has a knowledge do not keep step with the teacher, the following do not know why, so vicious circle will grow tired of math, interest is very important to learn. Targeted exercises to make sure you do after class, not lazy, you can also iterate class example in the review after class a few times, after all, when the class, a teacher in the calculation and explanation of topics, students listen to, this is a fairly mechanical and passive acceptance of the process of knowledge. Maybe you think you understand in class, but your understanding of the solution have not reach a deeper level and is very easy to overlook the real problem-solving difficulties encountered in the process. "Better than a brain bad writing." Solution of math topics, general idea of the mind alone is not enough, be sure to carefully written calculations in order to find out the problems and master the resolve method and get the right results.
Secondly, summarizing classified, looking for different question types, similarities and links between different knowledge, systematizing the knowledge learned. Take a specific example: the function of high school algebra, we learn about exponential functions, logarithmic functions, power functions, trigonometric functions, such as several different types of functions. But comparing them to summarize, you will find that no matter what kind of function, we need to know is its expression, images, shapes, and symmetry of parity, and increase or decrease. Then you can add these functions above is made in a large table, compared to understanding memory. In problem-solving function expressions when used in conjunction with graphics, will have a much better effect.
Finally, strengthening exercises after class, in addition to jobs, looking for a good reference book, do the exercises on the books as much as possible (especially comprehensive questions and problems). Practice makes perfect, so as to consolidate classroom learning results, make your solution faster and faster. BACK

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