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Stimulating children's potential creativity

In musical activity, body music which uses simple graphics to create dance. Creation activities included in the thinking of cognitive evaluation, multiple divergent thinking ability. One of the cognitive activities of the activities of the Foundation is to understand the language of music and musical language to visible images in the brain, and then in the basic music and image evaluation, judgment, children can use body movements. For example, in creation dance snail and Orioles bird of activities in the, children to according to music bold imagine music by performance of situation, in through observation and imitation on snail of crawling and carrying shell forward, and on Orioles bird flying of like and calls and proud of expression, various action of cognitive, makes conversion, and evaluation, and divergent, thinking capacity are get has improve and development. We can also choose some simple rhythm and melody of the song, let each child choose a note, note pitch, length, body position and attitude to keep time to respond quickly to changes in the music, which seemed to have formed a music melody. In recent years in the education activities, teacher asked the children to line up, and sources such as horizontal, vertical, and so on, can reflect the interest, mobility and change of such activities.
  Law of harmony singing. Kindergarten music to sing, mainly to collective chorus of singing. We often find that collective singing multi-speed activities will children sing, some early childhood temper rush sings faster voice to yell; some infants are more introverted, silent; and some children sound softer. Low expectations for the kindergarten for young children, focusing on participatory processes, singing quality is not required. If using mind education lead to children, join simple harmony singing practice, children will be able to gradually take care of your voice and the voices of others, and gradually integrated into the collective.
  Music notes are in young children can understand and see. Middle length and the height of the music, the music begins and ends, the relationship between time and space is relatively abstract, child care is not easy to grasp the required teacher taught again. If the combination of music teaching and training activities, music can become more lively and interesting. Divergent thinking ability and the use of combination of music, in terms of intellectual development at the same time, also provide independent exploration and play space for the children.
  After the free atmosphere music joy, it can stimulate creativity, expression and imagination of children's potential, make their thinking in enjoyable activities to develop initiative reflects the maximum child care activity, let the children feeling in the music, and to grow up healthy and happy. Music activities so that children experience the joy, character-building. Music engages young children's memory, thinking and language skills can improve children's aesthetic sense, so as to promote their healthy de

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