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Training of high-quality teaching management

Transition from school-teaching model to teaching mode of credit system, four years running to reach the desired results, and have accumulated a lot of experience in teaching, management, for advancing the teaching model of the credit system has laid a good foundation. However, it is undeniable that in the West in our country at the present stage of university education the purpose of the teaching mode of PCCC, is still very challenging, where there are still a lot of immature, mainly manifested in the following aspects.
  1. Professional freedom of choice is limited. Credit system was supposed to make students into the school to go to free choice of profession, but in the present social backgrounds and schools under the condition of limited resources and cannot do. Schools now is after one year on the basis of academic achievement, before school grades in 5% can choose new in the school of professional and top 15% new professional can be free to choose within the faculty. Along with continuous improvement of all aspects of resource conditions, accompanied by all the rational choice to eliminate the herd mentality, open credit system of professional freedom of choice will be an important part of moving forward.
  2. The number of elective courses is limited. Compared with the academic year system, the credit system is more emphasized in accordance with their aptitude, students ' knowledge structure is diversified. Credit training plan small rigid, elastic, if a tree program compared to the credit system, expertise and with the corresponding public foundations, basic knowledge of "trunk", and students according to their own interests and expertise to take the knowledge is "branches" and "leaves", students of different "branches" and "leaves" are different. For the characteristics of teaching model of the credit system, school of professional training programs, and strive to enable students to reach a maximum elective courses of the specialty requirements, but there is the problem of lack of resources, including the number of teachers, classrooms, laboratory conditions, specialized elective courses and college-level elective courses offered quantity and quality needs to be improved.
  3. Improve the management level of the students, improving the teaching management of credit system. The implementation of credit system model, differs from the academic year of teaching management mode, faces many new problems, mode of students ' management becomes loose, because the same class, the same dorm student class schedules differ, counselor, mentor, management, teachers ' classroom management more difficult. For example, students may choose this omission issue, class time conflicts to handle problems; problems of the student pass rates; rebuilt class attendance, examination rates; Yamato class names hard lesson rate feedback cycle is long, no classes for students with poor self binding free of problems course substitution problem. To strengthen the management, departments, managers at all levels, all teachers need to work together, only by improving the management level of the students, to accelerate the pace of improving credit system management mode. Sound regulatory, powerful online management system, set up a common platform for information exchange and sharing, so four years a reliable guarantee for the smooth implementation of the credit system and operation.
  3. Training of high-quality management team, guaranteeing the normal operation of the credit system. Sound policy safeguards and powerful network management system is the Foundation for a smooth operation of the credit system, but all of this requires managers to perform, so a high level of teaching management team is essential. In the period when the pilot tone of teaching schools aware of the problems in a timely manner, prior to the implementation of credit system and its implementation process, focused on the strengthening of the management team and training of management personnel. From raising awareness of the credit system, the management system measures the understanding, management difficulties of the process specific to large network management systems operation, problem handling, are prepared. Four years of experience, both in terms of the Institute's academic staff, teaching Secretary, President of the teaching also is Dean of the school of management, staff, the full understanding and knowledge of the rules and regulations of the credit system, effectively guarantee the smooth operation of the credit system in four years.
  While focusing on the new collection, problem solving and continuous improvement of the credit system, which tends to be more reasonable and more practical, greatly reducing management costs and improve the efficiency of management, provide a reliable guarantee for the deepening of the credit system. BACK

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