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Listening, speaking, reading--great way to cultivate the sense of

Language is what people use to communicate their thoughts and feelings, is a carrier of thoughts and feelings, no matter what language to learn, is very important to cultivate a sense of. If you are a language learner, if you have the good sense to learn a language, that language is definitely a treat for you, with good sense, you can very easily learn the language, very skillful use of language, and enjoy learning languages brings you joy. What is "language?" language gives various answers, still does not have a specific definition, but it is generally accepted that the so-called "language", that is people sensitive to language comprehension and the ability. Now that we "sense" is defined as an ability, then it's not innate, acquired through the training received, because any kind of access is through the formation of long-term accumulation of knowledge. As a high school English education, how to foster students ' sense of mathematics, is a question that I thought for a long time, after many years of practice, I have summarized some experiences and wish to put forward for discussion by the colleagues, irregularities also please correct me.
First, create a listening environment, enhance the sense of above mentioned sense of language is based on the knowledge accumulated for a long time. Listening, speaking, reading is the most fundamental means for learning languages, must cultivate a sense of listening, speaking, reading and other skills training began. In practice, teaching, I try to time listening, speaking, reading and writing for students, giving them plenty of time to feel content and talk to each other, based on the emotion contained in guiding students to analyze texts. Sometimes I will do some elocution Guide, read author's feelings, let students from the situation to understand it, feel it with affection. Analysis when appropriate strengthen the analysis of the contextual meaning of the language of the text and use of words in a particular statement of profound meaning, load content, infiltration of emotion reflected, by these means effectively to enhance students ' language, the ability to comprehend.
II, and strengthening heard of capacity class is training students sense of best places one of, using class environment, training students of English sense, is middle school English teaching most basic is most easy achieved of means, but teachers in class Shang of language using habits, on students sense of training has is big effect, has many teacher to makes students more easy, and more intuitive of master by learn knowledge, often habits Yu with Chinese to construction English, this way on training students of sense has is of big negative effect, Trained in a way that can only be "Chinglish". Aware of this, in everyday teaching, in particular I pay attention to in the use of language in the classroom, students question whether lectures or the English as much as possible, and require students to answer in English. In the use of multimedia teaching equipment room, generally select some difficulty for English short stories, dialogues, news, students are required to fully mobilize the eye, ear, brain, maximize student understanding of multimedia content, and ask students to listen, what you see in English appropriately and repeat, in this way to foster students ' perception of English.
Third, increase the amount of English reading, English in reading, language for most people, learning a language is an important use of the knowledge you need by simply reading. Studies have shown that through extensive reading can help language learners ' understanding of the language of grasping and understanding, so as to enhance the sense of. Intensive reading and extensive reading in college English teaching, role and significance of intensive reading and extensive reading, I do not want to do more explaining. Most people think of English intensive reading and extensive reading of theory is more suitable for college students, are not suitable for secondary school teaching. But I not such think, intensive of features is through on by learn articles of carefully reading, makes readers on articles of aspects, from form to content, from language to thought for deep of understanding, to achieved on language of accurate grasp, from this is Shang told, we on can put textbooks reading understanding into is intensive, mean is to full using class Shang of valuable time, according to each unit different of knowledge points, carried out reading activities, let students full master the unit of English knowledge.
If you are experiencing classic statements or paragraphs I will require students to recite in class, and realized that every word or statement contained rules of semantics, and features. In addition, I often leads students to read the text out loud in class, and try to be extremely rich. Over time, students in this reading with feelings slowly accumulate knowledge of perception. Reading is quick to read, but it emphasizes not only speed, but speed, based on understanding. Experts believe that many Chinese students learn English well, in large part due to the lack of a sufficient number of caused by extensive reading. Therefore, if you want to learn English, no reading Foundation, does not do a lot of reading is not enough. For middle school students, if you want to carry out extensive reading activities by class time is unrealistic, for them to rely mainly on their spare time for extensive reading, extensive reading performance in the classroom is that teachers teach students how to read, choose what kind of books to read.
On extensive reading of choosing the right starting point is very important, suitable starting point means mainly refer to read that not a lot of new words, sentence structure is relatively simple, said to understand, it is very important for high school students just started reading. Present simple reading of many types, the most common is simply reading English classics, this easy reader on an ordinary Bookstore can be purchased, and the price is not expensive, for middle school students. In addition, students can also properly read some English newspapers, magazines and comic books with text easy reader. Over time, slowly accumulated, in reading, the student will cultivate a sense, once the training language sense, English is not difficult to learn. BACK

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