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Spiritual inspiration and originality education

Teaching reform is only part of school reform. Xie Xiangang target is small as nine "spiritual inspiration and original high quality brand of education primary school". To this end, schools must make overall changes. First is the management change. Xie Xiangang believes that promoting human development, is the starting point of school management. "The active development and self-improvement should become the school's core values and organizational culture. Every teacher, student, must have a wish: real developments are on their own. We want to do is to stimulate the interests of independent development. "No independent person, there was no modern school. He reshaped the democratic, flat management system. He first of all his "power": on major issues involving the development and interests of teachers and students of the school, by the collective decision of the Board, the Executive Council carry out, branch quality assurance, consideration of the teachers ' evaluations. "Often work to grade group management unit, Center of gravity moves down; teaching to teaching business subjects, change the word of the past is taught, teaching and moral education Department will only play a guiding, coordinating, advisory and service functions. "He has also initiated the establishment of two" organization that is not an ordinary school ":
One is to set up a Steering Group of the students ' work, by the Director in charge of the Vice President of Student Affairs, and leader of the year, and specializes in educational management of the students, once a month meeting, diagnose problems, understand the needs of students.
Second, set up a leading group for teaching, by the Vice President in charge of the teaching, guidance Director, heads composition, main guidance teaching reform and teacher development. He surrendered himself to the "powers" are handed out. Also form a network management model of school administration. "We demand that each administrative cadres to understand teaching primary and participate in research, guidance, in charge of a plane, waiting a year, guiding a discipline. "He nurtured a new organizational culture. "We defined the three relationships, development of school and the relation between teacher and student development, advocates in the development of school teacher development, development of school development with teachers and students. Our core values and conflicts of interest when schools and teachers and students, to teachers ' and students ' interests. Promoting student growth is our first value.
Second, the relationship between principals and leadership, is not a simple lines, but a peer relationship, partnership, a complementary relationship. Third, each teacher's role, every teacher has a dual role--both its role as the first responsible persons, and related posts, related working partners. Education requires cooperation, must be multiple teachers in accordance with the same values in a child, the effect is good. "Everyone is no longer organized a" screw ", but the King, have their own rights and space, and its own unique creation to win dignity. So the school is full of vigor and vitality. This is the core of change: people change. Education reform should be used for the school, the rebuilding of the system for the protection of classroom (teaching) rebuilt as carriers, teachers, students change (that is, people change) for the destination. Xie Xiangang ideals, is each teacher, "making learning a habit, has become a way of working, making innovation a professional consciousness, making education a life pursuit", and "personality personality, with the wisdom of wisdom", so your education is full of charisma of the spirit of. What is the spirit inspiring education?
"First, you need to be able to own the subject of culture to inspire students ' interests, make him like you on this subject, like your teacher, I love your class. "He said," the second, your classroom, must be able to translate into student extra-curricular growth and extending to his daily life, and gradually he grew up self-conscious. As teachers we have, through the teaching of reading, let the class of children fell in love with reading, some children even to the bookstore every week soak half a day – read his growing needs. Can't read poor children. Third, the organizational culture of the school need to be able to melt for the students ' personalities. "Yes, the times call for such education. Nine little management change, classroom redevelopment, culture, but response to the times. BACK

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