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Elementary and middle schools training mode

Total 4 items, extracts the four factors, total variance accounted for 50. 130%, name of school its oringal study and participation, the research of school its oringal study and view of school its oringal study and case study, the sustainability of school its oringal study; • participation of school its oringal study and mainly refer to the backbone teachers and General teachers and researcher in the school's participation in the study. 68. 8% per cent of teachers in rural areas where basic scientific research in schools are dominated by teachers, other teachers have little involvement. 83. 6% teachers teaching in brainstorming activities to maintain, the most critical factor is the school system requirements and supported. Thus, the full participation of school its oringal study and bad and sustainability. But teachers in school-based research plays a very important role, mainly by doing a demonstration lesson, cultivate, research methods, such as playing the key leading role. Key teacher performance in the brainstorming, as shown in Figure 5. • Outlook on the research of school its oringal study and mainly refers to the teachers ' views on school-based training.
  81. 7% per cent of teachers in rural areas agree: education research should become a way of life. • school its oringal study and case study refers to the mode of school-based training is mainly dominated by case studies. The vast majority of rural schools will arrange teaching and research in the area of collective lesson preparation, lessons, classes and class evaluation, and often in a teacher's class as a case for case-studies. 89. 7% teachers teaching case study results, the participants in the seminar will help. • school its oringal study and sustainability is mainly based on training content, organizations decide whether sustainability of school its oringal study possibilities. 88. 8% per cent of teachers in rural areas that they should study the contents of scientific researches is the teaching of practical problems. But they generally agreed that due to work overload, resulting in almost no time for education and scientific research, and its own lack of research capacity has also seriously affected the quality of their research.
  Cooperation with the urban model of teacher professional development in recent years, Beijing launched the "urban and rural schools activities hand in hand". Urban teachers to support rural education activities ", in urban and rural areas to establish a bridge of rural areas has played a significant role in the development. Survey, 39% of teachers in rural areas think urban teachers of the church brought great changes to their school. But in the town on the way of cooperation, 59. 2% teachers are hoping to have the opportunity to work in urban schools for a period of time, to work in the learning city schools received training, they think this will learn more things, more conducive to the professional development of teachers.
  Comparison of three main models of teacher professional development in order to compare the various districts and counties of the teachers ' professional development, we from the teachers ' professional development, University with cooperation of teachers ' professional development and school training mode based on the comparative analysis of ten counties. On each district in each mode by calculating the average of scores to determine the district's performance in this mode. You can see from Figure 6, the County scores on each mode of teachers ' professional development is very uneven. Among them, Tongzhou and Fangshan, Huairou's three scores were higher, Changping, Daxing and Miyun scored lower. Mentougou, shunyi and Pinggu, yanqing County, in the middle level, one or two models for higher score.
  Beijing city rural area teachers professional development in the exists of problem (1) rural area teachers team construction difficult in survey in the, rural area teachers General reflect himself of work pressure big, workers learn contradictions highlight, some school of prepared shortage or not reasonable (cases ~, subject no full-time teachers), led to part teachers workload big, led teachers almost no time and energy to consider himself the to what direction development and how development. In addition, the rational flow of teachers in rural areas do not, resulting in lack of backbone teachers, influenced the development of the school, I hope the relevant authorities can solve.
  (2) teachers ' professional development in rural areas lack of professional guiding system for teacher professional development in rural areas is poor, in the professional development of teachers in the course of frequent lack of professional guide, or even no guidance, teachers ' professional development and take a lot of detours. At present, the school teacher professional development include: training, teaching and research of school its oringal study; and a reflection; groups brainstorm; watch the discussion across school districts; and university cooperation research and so on. However, teachers in rural areas despite the school adopted a variety of methods to promote teachers ' professional development, expert lead, they want to be self-reflective, case study and research combination to promote teachers ' professional development. In interviews, teachers in rural areas are eager to get expert teaching guidance and increased opportunities to learn, Exchange, especially exchanges and research across schools, districts. In addition, recognized that if you want professional development of teachers in rural areas, must themselves establish professional development vision and initiative to awareness, consciously learn and improve their qu BACK

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