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On the cultivation of creative ability

On creative ability training of teachers must also advocate team spirit. Team spirit is the essential characteristic of human labor. Engels pointed out: the work creating the world, human labour is characterized by cooperation. Teamwork is an important feature of modern scientific research. As the science differentiated and increasingly comprehensive scientific research from the individual to the collective development of major innovations often innovative team standing, the result of mutual cooperation. The meaning of teamwork is: knowledge, ways of thinking, behavior differences between personality inspire each other, which helps to stimulate creative ideas to optimize results. Show personality, aggregated common cooperation, helping to create a multiplier effect, helps to strengthen against outside interference. Therefore, teachers must have the creative ability to cooperate, both self esteem and respect others and work with others and the virtue, and to educate and influence students. Intellectual development and cultivation of non-intelligence factors of unity. Teacher reflection of creativity depends not only on teachers ' autonomy consciousness and learning ability, teachers ' inherent quality, environmental factors and team spirit, but also on their own intellectual development and cultivation of non-intellectual factors. Practice shows that creativity first the inner relations and mental development. Factors restricting the formation and development of creativity, it comes down to two aspects, namely, congenital and acquired factors. And few innate differences, Marx pointed out, the difference between Porter and philosopher, is the difference between dogs and hunting dogs. Therefore, the intellectual development mainly depends on nurture. To this end, emphasis on teachers ' quality and ability in all aspects of promotion, such as observation, memory, thinking, imagination, concentration, etc. And through the development and training of teachers of their own potential, to know more about objective things and the ability to apply knowledge to solve practical problems, to best suit your educational needs. Meanwhile, also on teachers ' cultivation of non-intelligence factors. Creativity believes that creativity is the key to a non-intellectual factors. Now people find teaching efficiency of teachers ' emotions-personality is closely linked to levels of development. Good non-intelligence factors are essential literacy teachers ' creative abilities. Due to the creativity of teachers is not found "objects", but found that "person" is a person of character and potential to explore, through their own actions to promote human development, which requires teachers to have a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, and good emotional quality, determination and perseverance. Non-intelligence factors of teachers ' has a good, keen insight to know each student and dialogue with students and through the teacher create activities, guide, inspire and promote the development of students ' creativity. BACK

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