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Analysis on the kindergarten music activity

Currently most of our rural kindergarten music activities mainly to listen to CDs and tape their activities. Most of the teachers do not know how to read basic music knowledge and music capabilities. With the development of the times, children's musical activities need to, this requires the professional quality of teachers to constantly improve. In this regard, I would like to I in early childhood music education activities in some of the talk about solutions to the problems encountered.
  Errors errors, music teaching activities: children's songs are characterized by simple rhythm, short and strong repetition. I think easy to learn, and singing of the lyrics from start to finish, learn three or four times, I think they will remember. But the children's performance makes me very disappointed. Some children recorded mixed up lyrics, lyrics can't repeat the teacher taught, and some students don't even have lyrics repeat abilities.
  Myth: I will always follow textbook knowledge to children, children's knowledge of music to teach is not interested in classroom effect is very bad. For example, some music is a music appreciation class, children can just listen to the melody, I asked the children to sing these melodies, and children in the process of with fewer people involved in, and finally silence.
  Errors three: in Professor English music class of when, I think children as long as followed teacher said English on can has, without joined Chinese of components, also not need knows Chinese of meaning, children as long as can put words Shun down on can, girls compared tie, has several male children on by taught content cannot understanding, on not with with sing, even put eyes a closed, fundamental no longer ignored teacher, proposed obviously of protest. Errors result: the child cannot participate actively in music teaching activity, mention of music lessons have rejected or refused to go to kindergarten.
  Second, effective measures for music lessons l words replaced. Divergence is an important factor in creative thinking, which is to seize a main line, spread their thinking from different directions, approaches and ideas to explore a variety of answers in terms of a way of thinking. If you use this method in teaching activity of children's music, will have a good effect. For example, in class of world really better of singing activities in the, children in skilled master basic of lyrics Hou, teachers can inspired children wants to a wants to: farm in also will has which small animal? they are issued what of voice does? this when children will expand himself of imagine, Lenovo himself actual life in the by heard of or see of various animal of calls and like, then rattle to said out. Here, children need to learn two things: animals, corresponds to the second, and animal characteristics. For example, big cock, Oh; Uncle elephant slowly walks; the little monkey really naughty small Yellow Warblers shouted; Gull was brave, flying high to fly how far frog croaks, these are features of the image, we can replace with different words, let the children feel the same rhymes sing these lyrics to and cultivate their sense of beauty. When the teacher teaches other nursery rhymes, in the case of changing the sentence replacing nouns, verbs or the number of words and adjectives, as long as flexible use can.
  2. Picture picture. Singing is used in kindergarten music activities, teachers in organizing such events, typically sing several times, to enable children to understand the content of the lyrics and memories. If we use the thought of graphics education cognitive approach, children are much easier to master. Graphics of cognitive understanding of the concrete image, singing in the organizations activities, using line, color, picture to convey the music's mood or music in the form of images, which children can easily remember the image at the same time, understand and learn this song. For example, a professor in the three small "horses", repeated in the lyrics refers to small hippocampus, hippo, the Trojans, these three horses live in different places, seahorse lives in the ocean, River horses living in the River, small horse lives in the Park.
  Teachers with pictures of things in the lyrics can be displayed, when these pictures appear on the Board, children don't have to remember the lyrics, just seen pictures know what to sing. Teachers sing draw these images don't draw very well, as long as they are the children know. Early childhood learning is mainly of concrete, with specific knowledge, lyrics are abstract things be easier in children's understanding and memory, using Visual, auditory and other sensory modalities of learning approaches, will let children learning more with less. Teachers can also teach children in after listening to the song, described the scene in the painting the song and everything, so as to improve their ability to the di BACK

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