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Development of personality and cultivate team spirit and unity

The outstanding performance of teachers ' creative ability is to cultivate human creativity, fostering creative needs of creative learning. The famous Tao XING-Zhi's education thinker has pointed out that as early as in the 1930 of the 20th century: "teachers creative teaching students to be creative. "Today in history into the 21st century, proposed to build an innovation-oriented country in China, the historic mission of taking the road of independent innovation with Chinese characteristics, teachers not only taught in a creative way, but also creative geography, two aspects of the teaching and learning development and improve themselves. Teachers only have the creative ability to learn, to accumulate the creative potential of achieving creative teaching.
  Create a creative environment and developing teachers ' creative quality of unity within. If create a creative environment are external to cultivate creative ability, then the inherent creativity of teachers ' quality is the cultivation of creative ability of the internal cause, is dialectical unity of both. In a certain sense, each of our teachers are creative, creativity must be manifested through certain behaviors. Human behavior is influenced by many factors, the environment is an important factor. According to Marxism, environmental decision and decide environment is uniform. "A good environment to mobilize the enthusiasm of the people, promote and continuously improve the quality and to develop for the better, and bad environment can inhibit development and progress, may even trigger and some human weaknesses and mistakes. "As a result, training teachers ' creative ability, we must seriously study the laws of teachers ' professional development and creative work, creating both teachers ' occupational characteristics and the laws of creative work environment.
  "Respecting knowledge and talented people, labour, creation of" institutional environment, democratic liberal and competitive academic environment, harmonious interpersonal relationship environment living environment in harmony with nature, to allow teachers to the initiative, creativity and potentials into full play. However external factors through internal work environment is important, pay attention to teachers ' inner quality of training is more important. Leaving their inherent qualities of teachers to talk about the external environment influence on the creative work of teachers, is also wrong. Teachers even if they have a certain amount of needed to implement creative education's theory, and lack of creativity and practical ability, teachers should have a creative personality and qualities do not get appropriate training and improving, to realize the creative education is impossible. Ushinski pointed out: "in the work of education, everything should be according to the educator's personality, any regulation, any platform and any governing body, no matter how ingenious they were conceived, cannot replace the role of personality in education. Personality is everything in the education of educators, not directly affected by the teachers to students, deep into the character of students of real education is not possible. "
  Teachers only have full moral quality and personality, excellent scientific literacy can be moving in the right direction, and shoulder the sacred mission of community. Therefore, teachers should pay attention to practice "internal strength", and strive to improve the quality of their creative.
  Marx said: "man is a special kind of individual, his specialty made him into one body, becomes a reality, a single society. "UNESCO report also noted that:" the diversity of individuality, autonomy and initiative, and even hobby challenge, all of this is the guarantee of creativity and innovation. "The teacher is a teacher of creative ability, has the personality of teachers in order to break the unconventional and often produce their own ideas and practices teachers insist on force and confidence, charm and personality, to develop individual student to discover and develop the students ' sense of ownership and potential. Teachers to improve himself of created capacity, on must has independent select consciousness, not only book, not only Shang, not superstition authority, dared to go predecessors no through of road; on must insisted open consciousness, at research new things, solution new problem; will has reflection consciousness, through on past work of criticism sex reflection, and on future made attempts to sex and exploration sex of invaded the, lessons learned, created new of education value, makes himself became new century can independent select, and independent reflection, and independent construction, sustainable development of teachers.

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