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Junior high school mathematics teaching method

For middle school and junior high school students ' cognition of mathematics, situational teaching in junior high school mathematics teaching can be used several ways.
(A) the situational method of the concept of situational method concept is to ensure that students understand the concepts, and concepts related to mathematics, using animation visual presentation to set the context, so that students can understand the concept of a teaching method. As: to makes students understanding "are negative" of concept and relationship, in told "are negative" a section Shi design has such of situation: a ship submarine in sea level Xia 4O meters at, a article fish in submarine above 35 meters at, a only seabirds in fish of above 20 meters at (courseware show location schematic), please with are negative said out they of height, mutual of height poor for how many meters, students see Hou began has warm of discussion, have writing began calculation. Students completed, teachers were analyzed and summarized, and courseware conversion continues to demonstrate, by the student through the calculation process, so that the students Visual understanding of the concepts of positive and negative numbers, and laid the foundations for further positive and negative number. Similarly, the junior high school mathematics numbers, inequalities, congruent, similar, functions, and other conceptual issues can use this situational teaching method to complete, convenient for students to understand and master the concepts.
(B) situational method of life life is based on life's problems create situations, asking questions, students thought and knowledge and mathematical problem solving, knowledge of teaching methods. Save lecture on "j similar angular nature" section, you can design such a situation: "our school used to have a graduate student on a sunny day, holding a teacher's pointer and a tape measure, measure the height of the flagpole to the playground, you can measure it?" (Courseware presentation pointers, tape measure and the flagpole) issued a surprise when some students, some began meditation. Teachers appropriate prompts: "sunny day under the flag pole to see?" Students can answer out of the shadows, what is he doing: "pointer if standing in the playground is there a shadow? so what do the students measured?" (Sketch of courseware presentation pointers, flagpoles and projection) then some students devised methods, teacher shows the pointer, flag pole, the projection forms two right angles angle diagram, leads to a "properties of similar triangles" section issue. Situational method in order to live mushiding, ditch earthwork, looking for the treasure of the resolved situation right triangle, isosceles triangles, trapezoidal properties, and a mathematics teaching problems and quadratic functions.
(A) the problem situation by method of problem situations is based on students ' prior knowledge create situations, students acquire new knowledge directly through the context of situation teaching method. As in "parallelogram nature" of learning in the, teachers to courseware show rectangular, let students antibody rectangular of nature, then in rectangular in the added linear, let students continues to for summary, again using animation courseware will added linear of rectangular into different of parallelogram, let students antibody parallelogram of nature, with parallelogram of constantly changes, by obtained of nature not variable, on makes students in old knowledge of based school to has new of knowledge, helps students firm master new knowledge. Problem situation can make use of multimedia technology in teaching of junior middle school mathematics all content.
(D) practical situational method method of practical situations is to provide students with hands-on situation, let students get hands-on knowledge of situational teaching method in mathematics. Talking about the "triangle", the were prepared by students of different lengths stick triangle stitching, allow students to summarize the three triangles in the mosaic and different angles of the triangle. About inequality in the concept of reconciliation equation, the equation transforms students can balance operation, are summarized. At the time of using the method of practical situations, teachers should pay attention to teaching in the classroom, and boot tips, avoid blind operation, neglect of knowledge acquisition and summarized. Meanwhile, the development of modern science and technology, has become an essential way of teaching of multimedia auxiliary teaching in junior high school mathematical situation should also give full play to the role of multimedia in teaching, powerful multimedia demo create situations to stimulate students ' interest in learning, improving the effect of teaching. BACK

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