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Improving experimental teaching method, increase students ' interest in experimental

1. Teachers to practice basic skills, be good students admire. Experimental guidance teachers in accordance with the requirements of serious preparation, fully grasp both on experimental and experimental equipment and materials and other supplies used in the familiar, it is necessary to carefully examined and tested the equipment, but also the ability to solve all sorts of issues with failure and exclusion experiments, make the experiment on time and smoothly. To this end, we insisted the experiment teachers in experiment preparation beforehand before the experiment, and some experiments, you may need to make several times, learned basic skills. Metallographic sample preparation of engineering materials, experimental guide teachers through numerous experiments, a good grasp of pre-grinding and polishing techniques, students do experiments, when there is a phenomena such as grinding of the sample, the teacher can quickly rectify, make them admiration, with teacher very strong ability to attract students.
2. Increase students ' interest in experiment teaching and experiment teaching consists mainly of experiments before preview, test and experiment report specific actions in three parts composition. Students are the subject of experimental teaching and experiment teaching content is completed by students. Only three students in the process of experimental aspects to ensure experimental teaching. First preview link before doing each experiment, previewing the project requires students to do experiments, experimental Preview report in writing, especially the design of experiments. Students prepare to understand the experiment on the experiment preliminary steps known, on designed experiment proposed experiments and ideas. Must pay attention to the essentials, security matters, the key steps to be marked so that attention in the process. While mainly used for experimental apparatus, equipment operation method is used to know the principle and, ensure that experiments have their destination more easily and achieve the objective and expected results of the experimental teaching.
If the students do not do direct experimental preview, then in the process of experimental experimental instruction tend to look kinda blind experiment, or running around in circles don't know cause and effect of experiment results in experiment teaching of the purpose of unable to arouse students ' interest in the experiment. Through the preview link, it can grasp the students ' readiness to experiment, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the students, urging students to do experiments, thus achieving better results. Followed by the experimental operation, operation is the key to complete the experiment, is an important way to demonstrate and test students ' practical ability. During the experiment, experimental instructions to strictly check condition of instrumentation equipment, and ensure the correct and safe use of the equipment, to correct for illegal use. Experimental instructions through real time observation of each student in the experimental attitude and ability and sampling contents of each student familiarization, and other ways to control the students ' experimental ability, based on assessment results. Students on field evaluation results are very interesting, are eager to repeat, and strive to achieve good results.
Experiment report again link, test report is a summary of the students to do experiments, which can reflect students ' results are reasonable, conclusion analysis is correct, experiment summary full content and performance analysis of student issues, problem-solving and the ability to summarize. Finally, experimental evaluation, previous experiments were experiments to prepare reports, attendance and experimental reports are given, this approach is simple and easy, but there are also drawbacks.
One is that such practices are not comprehensive, just check whether the students mastered the contents of experiments required, and as a graded basis; the second is such an approach is not conducive to arousing the enthusiasm of student experiments, and that some students do not pay attention to experimental, even students who do not do the experiment is able to pass the examination, seriously affecting the students ' awareness of the importance of experimental course.
So now our grading is based on improved experiment preview before completion, course work and operation performance, results and quality of experimental report of comprehensive assessment, a reasonable experimental performance assessment and evaluation of students ' practical ability to get real. Above is our work on the reform and innovation of experimental teaching, through these reforms and innovations that make students ' increased interest in experiment, experiment teaching quality has also improved. BACK

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