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The "two basics" to "four"

Some analysts say, the new curriculum is based on the theory of Constructivism as the main model, was thought to be the human theory of Marxism. What do you think of this? Zhu Muju: any major reform in China, with Chinese characteristics, does not copy the foreign theories. This is a false problem. Ministry of education, who is not optimistic about the theory, was used as the basis for China's reform, but after much research and investigation and sort out the problems in China's current basic education curriculum, but also for the future, the world urgently needs reform. Courses reform is Government behavior, is central, and State led Xia of reform, must is from China actual starting of, both at home and abroad no any a theorist is solution China education problem of Prophet, can prior put China education of problem are through has, established a theory, we to copy, this claims lack on Government Organization and advance a items reform, from top layer design to policy developed again to implementation promoted, series decision process of understanding.
  Is the Ministry of education in the new curriculum of "three orientations" policy guidance, targeting at current malpractices and to meet the challenges of the future reform ideas to the design of the top, from the State Department, down to the grass-roots level, with the participation of many people, including academics, outstanding teachers, teaching and research staff of the University. Concept of the new curriculum, policy framework, concrete reform objectives and strategies are the result of reform, instead of "copy" theory. Of course, the reform theory, but it is not a school or theory, but through reform of curriculum theory with Chinese characteristics, formation of contemporary Chinese theory to solve their problems. Reporter: this decade, debate about how there is a problem, is the top Chinese education tradition has not preserved, inherit and carry forward, such as teaching methods, such as mathematics, "double", "practice makes perfect", and so on.
  Zhu Muju: a profound reform, will not experience better give up, certainly is a departure from the original experience. Good reform not start all over again, from scratch, this is not possible, is not realistic. The curriculum standards is particularly emphasized the core value system of socialism guiding and infiltration, particularly emphasize the heritage of the Chinese culture and tradition. In addition, the teacher is a carrier of culture and heritage values. They are deemed effective, good experience, will stick. Curriculum reform will never force anyone to give up what he thought was a good experience. The opposite. From beginning to end is to encourage teachers to innovate. Formed his own style. On the excellent educational tradition, the maths curriculum revision team in the original "double base" on the basis of development for "four", "experience" and "basic ideas" as the most basic math activities, and this is carried forward on the basis of inheriting and innovation.
  In fact, other subjects are embodied by "double base" to "four bases" characteristic. This is the real China. Reporter: what do you think reform has entered a stage? Zhu Muju: curriculum reform can be considered is to continue to deepen the reform of the phases, in particular the national plan for medium and long-term education reform and development (2010-2020) the promulgation of that will guide reform to develop in depth. At this stage will be sorting out a decade of successful experience and problems, analysis of the challenges of the future. Through refined study of reform issues, references to reform some of the vague, fuzzy, fuzzy further policies and measures specifically, understanding the reform goals again, establishing a new working mechanism, a clear reform strategy in the new stage, increase the intensity of advance, making reform more smoothly and orderly, more clearly. It needs to be a process.
  "Every reform has contributed ideas and historical role, and are not to be copied." Reporter: ten years along the way, and how do you think this reform? Zhu Muju: reform, it may be decades or 100 years later, looking back in the history of contributions. History will witness all this. Reporter: there seems to be at home and abroad in the history of evaluation for curriculum reform were largely a success. Zhu Muju: but it was hardly a failure. Every reform contributed to ideological values, history are not to be copied, has a unique and irreplaceable role. Why call it "reform" that must be a lot of irrational reality of analysis. And actions, to change it. I think boldly to act responsibly, to change the unreasonable phenomenon, does not shy away from controversy and criticism will contribute to society.
  From this point of view, as long as the issue about what is right, is the right direction, basic measures are effective, the reform is a reform that can contribute, including experience of failure, its value was historic. Reporter: hot issues in the curriculum of the Decade had a very good response and summary of grass-roots reformer is also more clear direction. Thank you for accepting our in BACK

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