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More emphasis on reading strategies in English reading

I told Professor Xu, as with many young people, he also felt that life is only good reading, both warm and meaningful. This smell, Professor Xu was slowly chant from the Yuan Dynasty poet Weng Sen "four music" in the spring when reading "reading" saying: "mountain water blows sill Gallery, Wu Yu Gui Chun Feng xiang. Birds on the branches are friends, falling water are the. The wasted time Mo sent the old life, only reading good. Reading is fun about green grass in the window?." He also enthusiastically introduced the poem was included in the Qing Dynasty "kushu", the times of the Republic of China into a series of Chinese textbooks for middle school students, when necessary. Talk about these events, Professor Xu said with emotion: "reading can change the life, but reading is not dead reading is not hard, but hard to read," late "Hui" read, achieve harmony between EQ and IQ, "combination of reading thousands of books" and "hangwanlilu", can to achieve "highest perfection."." Br; /> < BACK

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