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Graduated from Peking University, Xu Yan in the work of government agencies. Strong interest for reading professional, he decided to give up the civil service's "iron rice bowl", Nanjing University Professor of information management Department of reading, began full is lonely but pleasant reading and writing days. He actively planned and jointly with Mr Wang Yuguang 1.8 million words of guide books, editor of the dictionary of Chinese reading was the 8th "China Book Award", he served as Deputy Editor of the main libraries in the General history of the 13th "China Book Award". The two books in the "mainland China" deeply concerned in the literary world, to promote the development of cross-strait book, played a positive role. For many years, Professor Xu Yan in a serious and responsible to do the job "teaching" post at the same time, successively presided and completed the central United Front work Department, the Ministry of education and the State press and publication administration "National Social Science Fund" research project and the national "ten to five" key book publication planning project of the cultural history of Chinese books and many other research topics.
  Since 2005 yilai, he published has autumn Wo book words and autumn Wo words book, and vicissitudes bookstore and vast Bookstore, and China books industry Centennial, and collection and reading, and China books culture history, more than 20 more than works, has creative planning and editor "Chinese scholarly series", and "reading Taiwan paper bundle", and "dynasties pine essays base", and "Shorin clear words base", and "open reading paper bundle", and "views LAN paper bundle", and "Phoenix reading paper bundle",, really can be described as "prolific" has. Out of the library to promote reading Xu Yan long engaged in the study of China's history of book culture, but he was not that kind of cloistered in a day or two in den works is only inhabited pedant. He closed out of the narrow confines of the library, to broader social and professional knowledge to serve the community's needs. For, he has should Beijing, and Shanghai, and Shenzhen, and Jiangsu, and Zhejiang, and Fujian, to party groups, and College and library of invited, combined himself long-term reading of experience and experience, on reading and school of method, and strategy,, for has various large topic report and reading series lecture, to general readers introduced reading method and learning experience, widely preaching "classics Guide and students quality education", and "lifelong learning and national reading crisis problem", and "contemporary reading and life harmony", and "culture creative and knowledge warehouse II new" New reading ideas.
  As far as I could see, he actively promotes "scholarly concept of" spread "the seeds of reading", promote the reading process. His unique style of language, vivid, deep light speeches, by the community warmly welcomed by the audience. In a speech in the country, Xu Yan repeatedly suggested that only reading can make our life full of life and fun, full of inspiration and wisdom. Especially for young people, he has to "read to achieve, serve the benefit of the world" as the theme, we can find "life can only read good" motto, advocates to learn from sages, read, read a good book. Especially in recent years, he was invited to participate in the Shenzhen Municipal Government held "Shenzhen reading month" activities, and make presentations. He fed closely around the Centennial development of life support--to "read" from three aspects: knowledge, intelligence, insight, and systematically discusses the connection between reading and the development of life, like "a platform of knowledge, background knowledge, seen as the mainstay", to build a personal development arena.
  Talk about "Shenzhen reading month" deep feeling against the author, said Professor Xu Yan, Shenzhen is a well of knowledge can change the fate of the experimental farm, the success of many from the Mainland to the Shenzhen venture talent struggle is the "good life only study" the best interpretation. Shenzhen's per capita housing area is relatively high in the country, Shenzhen book City Centre building was beautiful, people in cultural pursuits are also higher. Even 7 of "Shenzhen reading month", he could see that the cultural spirit of Shenzhen City! he says, "Shenzhen reading month" set off reading for all activities, dissemination of knowledge and wisdom not only, but also to every Member of the public in dialogue with the books to maintain balance in and enjoy good mental health, social and family stability and harmony. Since then, the reading activities launched in the country, in fact, reflects the society these days reading an anxiety State dissatisfaction, this is also an effective way to explore solutions to the anxiety. But pay attention to the reading Festival, not a mere formality, or sell books, it must be creative. Therefore, he believes that "Shenzhen reading month" is a very good idea. Should be "Shenzhen reading month" as a sign of Shenzhen culture, to continue to innovate, lead the national reading. Professor Xu Yan from the classics and books, flexibly and creatively to get nutrition, proposed the "good life only study" co BACK

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