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High school practice of integrative learning curriculum development study

First, the "integrated learning" there is no accurate understanding of the course on the integrated learning, accepted definition, its meaning has an obvious ambiguity. After studying the characteristics of three aspects of our comprehensive learning to understand the integrated learning programme.
1. Multi-disciplinary, comprehensive first many subjects, a variety of factors combined. This is a characteristic of most explicit integrated learning programme, all common features of the comprehensive course. The formation of this characteristic is due to the integrated learning programme is closely integrated with the reality. Real problems in the most comprehensive problem, if only from a single disciplinary perspective can limit students ' perspective, issues a lack of depth, or one-sided. From different disciplines and comprehensive understanding of factors can break the students ' thinking, comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the problem. Problems such as urban air quality, starting from the geography, we only from the city's air pollutants, source, hazard considered teaching content; General Chemistry teaching content from the determination of common pollutants, taking into account biological subjects from harm mechanism to consider the contents of the selected, would have met the goal of environmental education. But from the perspective of interdisciplinary teaching content, in addition to teaching in all three sources of pollutants, mainly in geography teaching from multiple factors affecting urban air quality organizations. Chemistry focus guide the determination of common pollutants, at the time of sampling point selection need to be under the guidance of geography teachers, taking into account the geographical background of the surrounding record wind direction and speed, pay attention to the weather forecast, so that results will be more scientific, accurate and comparable. Common contaminants in biological and chemical disciplines design hazards of experiments. Through the teaching of geography, chemistry and biology combined together, integrating multi-disciplinary knowledge, the knowledge level of the students up one level.
2. Multiple perspectives and levels for the same problem, different people will have different views, conflict in understanding the different interest groups more clearly, which cause all sorts of problems to solve complex and difficult. How to make students aware of this issue, allow the multi-angle analysis and perspective, so as to lay the Foundation for integrated decision-making, are the areas of most concern. And this part is the branch of education not going to dive into the content. When you discuss the Palestine issue in social learning, we choose the coverage of the same events in different countries, students read, experience the difference, analyze the reasons for differences, recognize the interests of all countries, in-depth understanding of the causes of conflict, and problem-solving ideas. Also enable students to learn to read media information from different angles, the author's position and values of objective selection and use of information. Problems which the multi-perspective, multi-level approach, are also used in a student research project. For example "Huiwen middle school green roof feasibility study" groups, respectively, visited the green roof the company's technical staff, materials and equipment manufacturers, implemented a green roof community property management sectors and owners, General Services Officer and the architect of our school, comparative observation of temperature and humidity on the ground, input and analysis of practical aspects of work, has put forward its own proposals. The Beijing creative competition first prize.
3. More skills, more research and solve real-world problems are characteristic of integrated learning programme. Research and discussion on process requires different skills and methods from different disciplines. When the damaging content of major pollutants such as learning, students through the Internet, to do experimental data collection methods, read three teachers understand the hazard of pollutants and will learn to design posters, presented to the other group, to communicate between the last Panel discussion, training the students ' ability to use a variety of skills and impressive. If it is teaching, hard to take so much of your time in class, to achieve such an effect. While students at the time of comprehensive learning, skills and methods of use is even more prominent. BACK

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